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By Raymond Beattie 08 Jul 2016

Missed a call from this amount so i call back but goes through as a failed call. i repeatedly named and merely hung up on its own each time.

By Becky Basinger 09 May 2016

I desire to assess who call me

By JOHN METZ 22 Mar 2016

This number is calling too considerably and not identifying himself.

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    By Rosemary Evola 18 Jun 2016

    who is the owner


    By kirt frosch 26 Feb 2016

    say PIN..


    By Jesse Chatman 13 Jul 2016

    did not response no message.


    By Jesse Regis 03 Jan 2016

    desired to know who owns this amount.


    By Fergusson prodigy.net Val 24 Apr 2016

    what exactly is going on . merely had a call from this amount no one replied. i tried calling back and said number is disconnected


    By Elizabeth Secakuku 04 Jul 2016

    they called me twice now within Paris France sounded like fax .......


    By Gina Baines 10 Mar 2016

    replied to a foreigner speaking English and replicating same phrases so probably from a script. beware this is a scam as she said it was Lina from windows. me believing double glazing then she asked me if i was the owner of a computer at which i asked again who was calling and she said windows and i said no its a scam a few times in which she wasn't listening to me. the last time i said it she said something enjoy ... go ..... ....... Bach... pleasant peculiar how they pick upward the pleasant phrases first isn't it a investigation on this amount brings upward nothing so these people are becoming very clever. i dint know if its a mobile beginning with doubtful or they've bought British numbers up from abroad. either manner prevent enjoy the plague and tell the elderly and venerable overly.


    By kathryn russell 25 Apr 2016

    constantly calls


    By Pmc 14 Dec 2016

    Spam call - block the number as they call persistently.


    By Rudolph Penaranda 26 Mar 2016

    Pratt hung up

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