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By Virgie Bryant 12 Jul 2016

Yeah survey company constantly asks for my wife i always say shes not here they ask if I am a resident and i constantly say no I'm a burglary BR i get a couple of calls every day

By Matthew Gallmann 23 Jun 2016


By Ellen Wickramasekara 27 May 2016

Its mark from energy audio

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    By Wayne Hofmann 25 Apr 2016

    keeps calling me turns out its a pyramid call


    By Elaina Batey 12 May 2016

    i have been harassed by these same people for over a year. allowing to info that i recd from the actual Kroger legal office within California they have been doing this and scamming people for some time. seemingly they tapped into cash internet database and stole thousands of peoples information so whether you had a loan with them or not if you even implemented for one these scumbags have information. seemingly the internet d.a. has been investigating them for some time they will additionally use the name silver rock legal assoc. huge scam gt


    By Charles Jenkins Iii 04 May 2016

    they merely named me. did not leave any voice message.


    By Barbara Brenseke 04 Jul 2016

    when i answered nobody was there.


    By Shannon Waskosky 16 Jun 2016

    i got this call. she said calling from u mobile i use u cellular telephone. she claimed cannot check my latest bill payment Cox their system is down so suspect. further asked me what type of internet banking i used to pay my bill. i understood she tried to get some account info. sound enjoy a scam. beware all.


    By Ronald b hoffmann Ronald 06 May 2016

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    By Gresha Lewis 08 Jun 2016

    any thought who could call from this phone number.


    By Chris Furler 07 Mar 2016

    they simply call me


    By Wes Thieneman 14 Jun 2016

    this number keeps ringing my phone. no idea who they're or how they got my amount wish i could stop the calls


    By Ahta Hoque 28 Jan 2016

    i said the same to them but the banks were fined for part paying and they re doing a double check for me

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