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By George Daballa 01 May 2016

I have several bills for a tearoom adore calculator that i never subscribed to and cant seem to find the supplier to get a refund clearly a scam

By Sharmaine Bautista 07 Mar 2016

I received calls on my cellular telephone from this amount between November and other calls between October November which i consider to have been from this number but where the amount has been spoofed so does not show upward i believe these calls were from this amount due to their design frequency calls received at same time one immediately after the other or within a minute of each other. i have now yesterday received a second hushed express email from this number call not decided upwards on my phones calls log but picked upwards by my visual visualized calls facility. i afterward subsequently received more calls yesterday at and hrs which my phones calls log showed were purportedly from different regions of the UK but which my visual visualized call facility showed the calling amount to be . i have had to permanently enable my phones don't affect facility to avert being disturbed by these calls. this amount may be linked to i additionally have received and continue to receive numerous calls from this number of an identical this number additionally very often spoofs so it appears the calls are from different areas of the UK. my cellular telephone is ex directory and taps registered.

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    By Aaron Barilone 08 Jul 2016

    just i desire understand who called me


    By Jason Brigner 25 Jun 2016

    this amount keeps calling me


    By Thomas A. Kulak 13 May 2016

    incessant....as i have repeatedly told them i am never going engage inside the dialogue. they mistakenly suppose that if they keep calling i will transform my mind. ha ha. has the reverse effect.


    By Darren Major 01 May 2016

    some type of survey company


    By Arnold Rabinor 03 May 2016

    was becoming my mobile spammed by this number around once a day at random times. could have just blocked it but having a spare moment i phoned British petrol on their ordinary freephone amount . they confirmed that's one of their promotion numbers and promised to transform my account details to quit me being cold named though warning that this takes hours to take effect. will see what happens ...


    By Bret Routson 13 Jun 2016

    here what you Dobro BR a block this number via sprint preferences you may block upward to numbers i thinker b report abuse here is how a .eh ow.comport phone abuse.HTML BR great luck


    By Kerri Pequeno 25 Apr 2016

    i dint know who call me


    By Sherry Behmerwohld 02 Mar 2016

    no one leaves MSG cant call back


    By Dane Cheney 10 Mar 2016

    business call


    By Lindsey Farley 04 Jul 2016

    no answer they merely hang upward.

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