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By athy boutis 25 Jun 2016

A .macabre BR a Ag .blog area.fight BR a .word press.combat BR a Barnum gumbo.blog spot.combat BR a Dr Thomas Schultz.blog area.coma

By Annie Timms 03 Jun 2016

The same savers club are ringing me again but this time when i can .... there is no number.....

By Regina Labrie 19 May 2016

Signed up with this business gentleman that came out was very professional chap named Justin and was more than happy with it all afterward i received a call from a really abrupt girl named Denise who needs to get manners and additionally people skills since i had that call i have assessed them outside and after speaking with that rude woman i will not be paying them she is vile

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    By Debra Walther 20 Feb 2016

    don't understand or trust anyone calling from this number


    By Stanley Hernandez 12 Apr 2016

    no message left


    By Jill Bernhart 30 Mar 2016

    government initiative Hebrew yes all the stuff around BR astonishing year tendency great recent overstated tell me some history how you did OTB you will be representing SE Londoner this is sent outside to all heads and heads of Hasbro BR subsequently.............BR would you enjoy to buy pictures and word spread for or a pages for .BR BR hoax fraud dint Nebr needless waste of public funds if you would it zebra BR beware oh yes he had a cold overly when he rang me ..


    By Ronnie Culbreth 30 Jun 2016

    simply rung me decided upward but was a silent calibre BR ill never answer this one again silent calls always actually spook me


    By Jennifer Moracco 02 Jan 2016

    i have receive from unknown amount.BR will i understand this number from where..BR i receive twice call now.BR thank you.


    By Angela Arteman 20 Jun 2016

    few hangups from this number


    By Sinead Kelly 24 May 2016

    there's missed calls from this number.....is it actually from Astor


    By Janice Loveday 10 Feb 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By Maronica Jones 29 Jun 2016

    has been ringing my o cellular telephone every few days and hangs up as soon as i answer. really annoying BR other similar numbers that have phoned me and hung upward comprise could be the same business could be faked caller id i dint understand.BR BR i wont be calling them back and i urge that anyone who get a call from these ah oles also does not phone them back.


    By Shandrea Whitehead 12 Mar 2016

    i get calls every day from a amount. three yesterday. the last three digits change. no answer when i decide up. no message left.BR is this a call back scam or burglars

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