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By Alex Star 31 Mar 2016

Be warned scam BR BR loan company offering loans BR BR they get you to pay a fee the loan n is never paid to you

By Eric Peng 27 Feb 2016

Tamara she is the prime seller guys be aware .........

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    By Wendy Spangler 06 Jun 2016

    i response they hang upward.


    By Bradley Alewine 08 Jun 2016

    text received this morning we have been striving to contact you affecting your poi promise we now have details of how much you may be due response post for your pack or cease to choose outre BR added to spam numbers


    By Chelsea Brokenshire 10 Jun 2016

    took call from this number at now usual recorded guff about UK banks poi reclaim. pressed to speak to one of their advertising visors inside reality to flush outside the scumbag business behind this nuisance. call connected to a female mid England's bimbo accent who maybe mumbled the name of a company followed definitely by poi claims section asking for my full name. instead i challenged why they were sending unsolicited recorded messages to numbers who hadn't consented. she replied impudently that they didn't need to it was called promotion afterward abruptly hung upward. doubt the information commissioners office will concur when they catch you


    By Corey Diaz 27 May 2016

    l have received several calls from this week and previously too. as l am inside Barbados with a call tariff of one pound and seventy five pence a minute needless to say l did not answer. but it's somewhat pleasing to locate they are crooks. l expect something is done


    By Mary Usner 14 Jan 2016

    they merely named me.


    By Breanna Ruffin 29 Jun 2016

    dead air


    By Sherri Skidmore 24 Apr 2016

    have received calls from since yesterday morning. they seem to call every hours between am and pm. oh how i hate it when motor insurance renewal time comes about. i have now blocked this amount so hopefully wont be pestered by them anymore.


    By John Glassey 18 May 2016

    keeps calling my acreage line must be computerized call as when i response it does not connect afterward goes dead. amount fake as says from a network unable to conduct numbers.......though another scam then.......


    By Pamela Bianchini 15 Jun 2016

    i dent understand around this number i need to know who call led me......


    By connie mlynarczyk 03 Feb 2016

    called unknown number

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