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By Alex Star 31 Mar 2016

Be warned scam BR BR loan company offering loans BR BR they get you to pay a fee the loan n is never paid to you

By Eric Peng 27 Feb 2016

Tamara she is the prime seller guys be aware .........

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    By Stella Kuperberg 15 May 2016

    he tells me he is watching me and is going to kill my dog


    By Brian Peachy 12 Jul 2016

    i got a scam call from this number.BR this number is from UK.BR BR legal high street Montessori Scotland dd nab see macabre property high street Montessori Scotland dd Nebr view macabre BR property BR legal


    By Teri Acker 15 Feb 2016

    this number amp calls me always some times times a day and every day for months I am disabled and some times its been challenging for me to stop what I am doing and get to the phone plus it rings away after rings not giving you time to answer it but i presume its some one wanting cash that as a handicapped AP dwelling on my own i dint have it rings upwards to sh at nighttime its disturbing me.i pay money to a local animal sanctuary through my bank and i donate when i may to the salvation army for the homeless i put money inside collecting tins and i indication petitions to help various causes that i care about but could can no more and feel hounded by this number. i trust it can be stopped. thank you hazel busby


    By Roydrick Smith 02 Jul 2016

    not sure who this is called twice and could not return the call


    By JOSEPH COTTEN 25 Jun 2016

    continuously calls and leaves no message.


    By Chrys Hanc 15 May 2016

    keep becoming prank calls and now danger messages


    By LAURA ALLMAN 06 Jun 2016

    who has this number


    By denise bush 12 Feb 2016

    got calls


    By Ilnar Khadiev 20 Jun 2016

    hey y u call me r u understand me ..... where r u from tel me Ur city name....


    By Norma Mcnew 13 Jun 2016

    i know this is a bogus call because caller had a hefty accent and i heard a record within the background saying hang upward and try the call again. i didn't bother to give any information or inquire why he was calling. i merely hung up and he didn't call back. do not give any advice or converse with this amount its a sham

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