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By Brandy Miko 11 Jun 2016

Dint use marks and sparks very dishonest....really bad expertise with them ...do not pay them via direct debit..BR they took money from my account...without permission...and gave complete fictitious advice affecting insurance

By Patti Van horn 12 May 2016

This amount rang me at this morning and the Indian sounding female claimed to be from BTU and desired to speak about my broadband line. as i don't have any dealings with BTU i told her to go away and hung up.

By Mohammed Aurangazeb 12 Feb 2016

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    By Brian Polyard 07 Jun 2016

    received a call on acreage line.


    By Royce Lisemby 29 Feb 2016

    who call me


    By Craig Wales 27 Jun 2016

    this amount has taken from my friends sons phone. she is footing the bill. they need arresting anybody understand what to do will she can cell contact shes not tied within anymore help please thanks within advance


    By Angela Macon 14 May 2016



    By Alisa Ford 04 Jul 2016

    desire to know the caller


    By Sue Stacey 19 Jun 2016

    if you re within our intensive Karen ward and desire the potty please press on your touch pad for a change of dressing please press for a change of menu choice for your next scheduled meal press subject to availability if you re on a ventilator but someone is resting on the oxygen tube press now for additional pain aid press subject to appraisal for last rites press if too late for any of the above dint press anything amp one of the attention team will be at your bedside as shortly as sensible. thank you for listening to these options to repeat please press the crucial at any time.


    By RAUL RUSSIA 17 May 2016

    we received a call yesterday.


    By Albert Provost 17 Apr 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. no message left.


    By Charles Hammersky 07 Jul 2016

    this amount miss call my number


    By Justin Hensley 26 Feb 2016

    these people have been calling every day for the past week or so calling themselves the national hearing practice. by name they ask for the man from whom we bought the property years past so they are either using quite old tips or they are intentionally using it to defend against accusations that they're ringing our ex directory amount and one we've registered with taps at that the preceding owner didn't have the amount registered as ex directory or with taps.BR BR the sneaky thing about this lot is that when i dial led to locate their amount to block it it comes upward as which is a local number to where i live inside the Grimes area but this is not their real number. after putting this amount into the block list on my BTU handset i located their calls were still getting through. i only located out their actual amount by dial ling bats choose to refuse service that we subscribe to which revealed the amount to be . I've blocked them on this number and ill be contacting BTU about them hiding their real telephone identity behind a fake local one to deceive the service.

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