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By Kristen Homiak 21 May 2016

Called and left no message.

By Heidi Mckenzie 29 Mar 2016

Becoming quiet calls from this amount only before pm.

By William Schwyhart 03 Jan 2016

My bill is considerably higher than it should be as a result of guessed calls to this number who are they

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    By ankarlo mark 06 Jun 2016

    does anyone understand who calls from this phone number.


    By Mery Oliviero 12 Jul 2016

    got a call from this no no one spoke.


    By Calvin Oyler 18 Apr 2016

    wind Ina .. wind ... ...


    By Christina Weyford 28 Apr 2016

    are they a registered company


    By Judith Kopil 13 Jun 2016

    just had a call saying as a valued customer i can have months free boiler fix cover but after that its merely around a month and as a valued customer there will be no cancellation fee and other mambo jumbo.she didn't shut upwards long enough for me to say I am not the bill payer. when she finished waffling on by saying could i place you down for it i told her no i ain't the bill payer and i ain't got the time at the mo she replied by saying so do you know your reasons for not taking upward the offer so i replied i ain't got time for this the reply was you've been on the telephone to me for a few minutes surly you can reserve me more time after striving to put her off by saying i dint like your sales tactics she said I'm not selling anything so i told her right that she was selling and to respect my verdict. she still wouldn't leave me alone i didn't enjoy her approach one bit. and i could see what was coming next the terror stories of a busted boiler. better not occur again otherwise we will transform supplier.


    By Julie Shuler 24 May 2016



    By Andrew Bockover 01 Feb 2016

    call from Pakistani woman saying she was from a gov dept regarding my debts. said FICA gave them my details. asked where it says i have permission for her to call my number she sighed impatiently and hung up.BR BR this is a scam place up to get you private details.


    By Acelise Acceus 21 Jun 2016

    this was text spam linking to viral websites.


    By Louann Lane 24 Jun 2016

    keeps ringing. no one there when replied five tomes within a day is so annoying


    By Darla Fetters 01 Jun 2016

    this amount is fairly local to us so i answered it. she said she was calling on behalf of some energy company and i attempted to tell her that her call was prohibited as we are taps registered but carried on talking around me so i warned her i was putting the phone down. i believed Cameron was supposed to make these calls prohibited it might have worked for a while but the number of unwanted calls is rising again. they take no notice of taps.

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