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By Kristen Homiak 21 May 2016

Called and left no message.

By Heidi Mckenzie 29 Mar 2016

Becoming quiet calls from this amount only before pm.

By William Schwyhart 03 Jan 2016

My bill is considerably higher than it should be as a result of guessed calls to this number who are they

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    By Lani Fukada 04 May 2016

    called my mobile telephone.


    By Jamel Jarris 24 May 2016

    had at least calls from this number beginning from .pm the last one i only sat there listening to all the folks yapping inside the history then this girl with a very sexy express kept saying hello but really gently only wish id have spoke now next time she rings I am gonna inquire her for her name and her number and see if she tells me afterward i could either telephone her and whey hey or post her number here and we will all phone and inquire if she likes being phoned at all times of the day..... individuals dint be worried around these calls they are only made at random and they merely have our numbers inside their computers so they ll ring and ring til either they go out of business or we transform our numbers but they ll have the new numbers even before we can. merely annoy the crap outside of them and they might quit I have had loads and i simply talk enjoy I'm pissed and generally they inquire me may i talk English but i take on and they hang upward on me dint get many these days he he...... and its enjoyment.........


    By Darlene Lockhart 24 May 2016

    who ever owns d above number is a criminal. everyone should pals be weary of him


    By Lorraine De lorenzo 09 Jul 2016

    I'm becoming calls from this amount.


    By Clara Allison 08 May 2016

    name Siva.BR real name nu rain.BR offer sex service Thur we chat.once banking the payment she will block you.be careful.


    By Janafay West 21 May 2016

    needed to know who owns this telephone amount.


    By Marla Chancellor 21 Apr 2016

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    By jackie arnoldarnold 12 Jan 2016

    this sequence of apparently central London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com may can about it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. merely ignore. or better still answer amp love winding upward Natasha or whatever else false name shes using


    By Jill Siroty 14 Jan 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By donte bell 29 Apr 2016

    recorded message about poi have named around times evenings week ends and i am imagined to be on the PR

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