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By Irene Nicandro 06 May 2016

Who named me

By KRISTI GOSS 05 Jan 2016

Exactly why did you call me BR could it be the right time to call at BR what is the purpose of calling inside night

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    By adri-anne matthews 23 Mar 2016

    i missed


    By Michael Ambrus 05 Jan 2016

    who calls from this number and what would they want.


    By Robert Craddick 14 Jun 2016

    is Nebr SE bill At hi jab cal Karin to Blanca Khayyam kart hi ye ch or hi haiku hi


    By Chrissy Trausch 04 May 2016

    got a call from this telephone number.


    By Deshannon Swanson 06 Mar 2016

    fake number with recorded announcement around UK banks. worth blocking if you could. granting to of com that batch of numbers has not been released for use.


    By Raoul Bussey 26 Jan 2016



    By Greer Firestone 23 May 2016



    By Charlene Bradshaw 25 Apr 2016

    dint know who tried calling me i named back and the amount stays engaged


    By Cait Boonie 29 Jun 2016

    odd country code probably not Egypt as reported. several calls weekly ethnic voice asks for Karen Noyce. yesterday i say within Philippine accent shes dead so he inquired for Mr Noyce i say hes dead overly. the he asked if i was the householder. inside a very deep man express i said no i am their daughter we're going to the funeral he started asking me for the residence addressable BR absolutely unreal i told him he was a entire moron and to ring back within two years time when he understood English. no uncertainty ill get another call today


    By linda kokensparger 22 Jun 2016

    who r u and where r u and u u missed call me

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