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By G Stowe 03 Feb 2016

Non UK accent only need seconds for you to reply some questions

By Krashon Jordan 19 Jan 2016

Have you heard of a chat service and if so can you know whats happened to it.

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    By Brittany Erli 12 May 2016

    thanks message was helpful


    By Summer Gibbs 02 Jan 2016

    who this is


    By Joseph Snegon 22 Feb 2016

    got missed call. wonder from who..


    By Christopher Timm 21 May 2016

    quire saber DE dined sailor es ta lambada DE Ester numeric


    By Evelyn Foreman 04 May 2016

    es its Z fasten. dies er infer trick st so gar teachings mien iPhone AIs. DA's war AF stem gestalt Ind Dee infer hat linen Andersen Clinton eaten Lassen. Wei Wei itch niche Eva eon internet call Oder Oder. craven its niche milch. itch Haber niches rescinding Kennan. DA's phenomena Zwingli Mich DA's telephone AF flung Z stolen wen itch kine unraveling riskier en dwarf.


    By Dfgd Sdgfsd 12 Jul 2016

    wanting to locate out about an injury that we have never had continual calls from this amount.


    By Pat Siebert 09 Jul 2016

    multiple telephone calls


    By Reynauld Adams 26 Apr 2016

    no one responded.


    By Elena Zalechansky 27 Apr 2016

    i lost my phone last night


    By Ji M ju 04 Jun 2016

    hi may i understand HI u r Cox UV been calling me many times and i wasn't capable to response it Cox its early within the morning...near a.m yesterday Sept........BR pals tell me Ur actual name and y u r calling me do u know Nebr thanks.....

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