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By George Kump 12 Jul 2016

Continuously calls and leaves no message.

By Bradley Shaw 25 Mar 2016

These guys Google something named my boss yesterday asking about the company and what not .. could it be Google calling from Albania why

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    By Al Allgeier 14 Jun 2016

    i keep becoming a call from this number and its rather annoying i have blocked them from calling me but somehow they keep calling. its frustrating i only want them to cease calling me.


    By Andy Vanausdall 22 Mar 2016



    By Katherine Newson 02 Jul 2016

    this is overseas company that programs a UK amount for caller show. they are Asian sounding stating from discuss discuss. they desire to access your computer by asking you to go through a procedure saying there's a virus. merely act dense and waste there time they will get wound upward and hang upwards. contact your talcum supplier to assess what they can provide to block this amount and any future scam numbers. being rude doesn't work you will only get another that rings hours or days later using the same BS. do not let them win


    By randy tadlock 09 Jun 2016

    got a call. replied and they hung upwards.


    By Barbara Farison 04 Apr 2016

    got a call from purporting to be someone who had met me on line. my bowel feeling is its a scam merchant so beware.


    By Lisa Drach 06 Jun 2016

    called me


    By Rechuld Maidesil 20 Apr 2016

    I have had several calls from this amount to my taps registered amount some are just hushed others the caller identify themselves as British gasoline. my department doesn't even cope with energy supplies. I've told them that but they re overly dumb to understand and keep calling. of com actually ought to take activity against these pests.


    By Jeff Koehn 14 Jul 2016

    called me on my cellular telephone number. did not leave a message.


    By Rachelo Hopkins 28 Apr 2016

    he res hob BR go to a .syntactically.combat BR when they ringer .BR . play along to find outside their UK business Nebr . say call again amp i will charge my time at minibar . record the calls so that you have proverb . if named again play along to see who it ISBN . send them an undetectable . sue them within the little claims couture reply


    By David Achampaign 03 May 2016

    got a message telling me to call this amount say its an urgent matter. i doubt this is a genuine.

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