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By Fr Sh 08 May 2016

Reply machine

By Kimberly Magent 14 Apr 2016

Asked me around an auto injury that i had allegedly been involved in

By Jordon Radford 26 Jan 2016

Sold an Dniester fr inlet

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    By DANIELLE PADILLA 31 May 2016

    pacific northwest ballet patron services office. wow. who would've presumed that such a great organization would have to stoop to telemarketers and strong arm tactics.


    By RICHARD K SHULTZ 06 Jul 2016

    who owns this number


    By Joe Theberge 26 Jan 2016



    By JOHN BOBBISH 22 Jun 2016

    named me at . left no message


    By Ann Novick 23 Feb 2016

    my husband purchased a coin from them as a present for our grandchildren since then we've not purchase any. regrettably they keep ringing us to let us understand that there is a new coin coming.


    By Jean Branna 22 Apr 2016

    hi thereby i am happy you did report this individual great activity at least less folks will get hurt by him....BR i am no longer receive his emails since i blocked him it works...BR BR dear ladies be attentive outside there and be happy


    By Elly Camps 27 Apr 2016

    this sequence of seemingly fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com will can around it. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. just blow off. or better still answer amp enjoy winding up Natasha or whatever else bogus name shes using


    By Wong Sai 10 Feb 2016

    con claimable. Be engine uneven broad afflict bedim Eben. Be scruff landed man inside inner reascending musk itself hone waiter an sage.


    By Diane E. sammet 24 Mar 2016

    this person with heavy Asian accent says she is with general electric promotional department and that i will upgrade my DAT wall pad for free. the name that came across for caller id was id. when i inquired what her phone number and id was so i could call her back said mama i only called you why can you need to call me back. i said i want to verify that you work for this business. she kept beating near the bush afterward patched me through to her imagined manager which sounded precisely enjoy the lady i first spoke to. when i inquired for her telephone number and id so i could verify that she works or this so called company she hung up on me. i called DAT and they assured me that these individuals are scampers. i knew it was simply by the manner she could not pronounce my name. i tried to call the amount but it was not a working amount.


    By Ashley Mccay 23 May 2016

    my husband received the same text message on his phone this evening from the same put but a different person.

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