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By Omaira Parrilla 13 Jun 2016

Who is this

By Richey Robbins 18 Apr 2016

Quit calling me

By Tatiana Ducrepin 07 Jan 2016

.am Th may.got recorded message of hefty breathing.one for the police but likely waste of time bothering them.

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    By Maureen Rangen 22 Jun 2016

    turns outside it was my ff they have a weird phone carrier and her number came upwards different this time


    By Joyce Schwint 27 Jun 2016

    nark tau shape


    By Gigi Fanning 28 Jun 2016

    i had a missed call on my telephone i named the number back and was greeted with an answerphone message advising it was a non urgent call that i had received and if i need my number removed i should call an number


    By Dorian Bradley 12 Mar 2016

    me pa so lo miasma.... me presentation la ed advertisement es ESE miasma numeric seguing Eli indicative es DE Barranquilla Poe lo Que es Si quieten support es Ester la paging dined dice DE dined es ESE serial BR BR a ...spandex.peptic ... BR Pro a mi me presentable age q Que ed ad Tania y age Como UN hombre la Vedas prefer col gar Poe lo Que la lambada SE IA regalement distortions y ya Gable con unis policies para Que Le Silurian Eli pa so a Ester numeric supremos Que hag an Algol.BR BR y Poe lo Que veto solo Le es tan hacienda la lambada a prejudice Poe favor supremos Que toads nos demos y esteems alert as ante cliquier Amen's


    By Martin Nopola 05 Jan 2016

    been calling me the last week i would love to know exactly why but got no intentions of answering


    By Teresa Schoch 12 Feb 2016

    scam call relating to binary options trading .


    By Lorraine Lorraine 14 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount.


    By latreil green 26 Jun 2016

    hung up


    By Elizabth Santiago 27 Jun 2016

    i simply got a call from this amount overly no person simply went duh duh duh then nothing. hung up and the number named me back right away i blocked it father gum scampers


    By TYHEERAH WARE 27 Apr 2016

    this phone amount has rang me and i have not decided the telephone upwards and it has charged me over only through ringing my amount.

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