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By fox theriault 16 Feb 2016

They called me

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    By Andrea Reddy 28 Apr 2016

    my wife is getting calls since morning on . to assess who could it be i called from my cell than i am getting calls as shortly as my wife disconnects the call once it comes. on taking the call the caller remains silent and drops after some time. could nay one tell me who is calling is this any spam


    By Hal Learnard 03 Jul 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Yasmine Baluch 08 Mar 2016

    keeps sending blank texts and drop calling mobile and home phone


    By No Dice 31 Mar 2016



    By Becky Rolfzen 26 May 2016

    may be daughter s wedding venue


    By Nancy Kaley 12 May 2016

    i have had calls inside the last days from the same company each time using a distinct arbitrary number.BR BR annoyingly my wife agreed to response their consumer survey now awaiting tons of direct mail. despite this we're still becoming the calls.BR BR i told one operator that i was reporting them to the police and they called me a cowered says he hiding behind an anonymous number from an anonymous nation.BR BR i now answer their calls with an automatic style message this amount has been identified as a nuisance call and has been blocked by such and such police power. seconds later they hang upward . remember to mute any sound inc. kids that might give the game away.


    By Igor Kolo 30 Jun 2016

    overseas call centre stating they were the national centre for societal research confirmed the company name subsequently asked who we banked with. told them it was no business of their or anyone Elise's and not public record.BR BR quite considerably doubt it was a authentic call from the national centre for societal research.


    By Trent Zimmerman 13 Apr 2016

    called my unpublished home amount.


    By Jason Kralka 28 May 2016

    Huber i got a call from this amount today from a woman named shaman. she said that she was calling from lick Mumbai inside house courier service and somehow she knew around my address and wanted to know the dob.


    By Geo Haling 02 Feb 2016

    no professional negligence claims at this business. this is a fine business and among the most loving and caring folks work here.BR believe they sacked the useless employees who certainly were in need of payback thus this negativity blog. good luck guys within your new careers. sour grapes.

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