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By Kim Anthony 04 Jul 2016

Have received a similar text message not asking me to affirm times but did give the option to cancel change advised delivery. this is a authentic info text from DOD couriers i was waiting for a parcel amp it did arrive as advised within the text.no need to reply to the text unless you need to rearrange delivery.

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    By Ryan Knaze 13 Apr 2016



    By Rhianna Emerson 28 Apr 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. no message left.


    By Jody Lindenberger 28 Apr 2016

    simply got off the telephone with this new caller. they refused to give me the business name and hung up on me. i am registered with taps.. reported the number to cobra BR a .icon.org. BR and complained to my local mp.BR BR if like me your fed up with these calls register with the taps whine to the icon every time you get a promotion call. you will need the company name and phone amount. BR BR whine to your local mp.


    By Bobbi Shaulis 15 Apr 2016

    got a call and automated express mail from quotas saying they were calling to confirm my enquirer a petrol boiler. i am a housing association tenant so they're responsible for my boiler. this came from . an hour later i got a call from replied and was cut off. i have had emails just this morning from them. i can complete online surveys but constantly tick no to all offers.


    By Haitham Abu khalaf 23 Mar 2016

    they keep calling my work number.


    By Rebecca Burl 11 Feb 2016

    hora Si vars a pa gar


    By Alina Kuehler 07 Mar 2016

    hello i got a missed from you only need to know exactly why your calling me


    By JOHN BERNIER 14 Apr 2016

    no reply when i replied my mobile


    By Theresa Finn 16 May 2016

    called my cell.


    By Gloria jean Tanks 09 Jun 2016


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