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By Cameron Hackworth 11 May 2016

By Chambers Oliver 14 Jan 2016

Its a con telling you your computer has a virus

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    By Adilah Mcneil 20 May 2016

    chilly call missed


    By Lyudmyla Holman 18 Apr 2016

    .. after pm had several calls from this number. although the calls were terminated by them after around rings. i am registered with the taps so do not expect to get calls from this type of caller.


    By Constance Connell 28 Jun 2016

    my brother within law phoned this amount because of the imagined security fault to date its price him he gave accessibility to his computer on line . hrs later they told him the price was they have his card details which i advised him to block time will tell what the eventual price will be.if you aren't up to speed with the workings of PCs i counsel you to close it down amp seek local advice at the finish of the day a new PC would be cheaper than these scampers


    By Gail Munden 31 May 2016

    i want to understand who this is.


    By Ward Anderson 01 Apr 2016

    received missed calls from this unknown amount.any suggestions


    By Annie c Jarman 03 Jul 2016

    filthy caller sexual harassment


    By Abdulla Quraish 10 May 2016

    this newsgroup is around phone calls. diamond sales and UK import obligation would need distinct forums really BR Ajax time out may have caused duplicate posts.


    By Ron Simkins 29 Jun 2016

    no message left. do not understand who named me.


    By Kassandra Beech 04 May 2016

    got charged for a call i did not create to for Min's who is it.


    By LEO DUCHARME JR 03 Jul 2016

    need to find out who it's.

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