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By Charmaine Ellington 28 Jun 2016

This is valid. phone them back

By Casey Clemoens 26 Jun 2016

Called times a day thanks for all reports above.

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    By Brittaney Phagan 11 May 2016

    this appears to be verso group a .verso group.co.UK. call originates in India. they assert to be doing surveys but clearly they have agents who favor to run the your computer has reported a difficulty scam overly.


    By Louis Norris 25 Mar 2016

    only got a call from this amount. they asked for me by my name. when i inquired who was calling they again inquired if they were talking to me by my name i reiterated that i needed to understand who was calling first so they merely put the phone down on me. i then attempted to call the number back whilst withholding my own number only to get a dead tone. quite odd


    By William Mckarson 13 Jul 2016



    By Shelly Flowers 10 Jun 2016

    this number left a message saying they were from IRS and were going to place me in jail if i didn't pay its a scam.


    By bradley mckinley 22 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount now.BR BR nobody replied when i said hellebore BR after a while only a synthesis ed express saying goodbye


    By Priscilla Pascual 08 Jun 2016

    p.p.i. didn't recognize the number and it is one digit short of a normal British number so let the answer machine take it. pare recorded message around reclaiming poi i suspect from a foreign call centre due to fake amount.


    By Joy Decapita 04 Jun 2016

    merely receive a telephone call from this no additionally... it hung upward after sec...


    By Joseph n Rock 23 Mar 2016

    divulge quine es Recife Ina lambada DE Ester numeric


    By Pat Schultheis 23 Jan 2016

    pals assess dis number


    By Katie Kesin 23 Apr 2016

    simply had a call from the man Indian gentleman said my creditors had asked them to to call me .when i said my loans etc are paid by direct debit he said i had missed payments and i hatching place upward something called an Iva i said i dint believe so as I am not behind with any of my credit cards he began to get annoyed and rudely shouted he was sending bailiffs to my home and hung upward..

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