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By Phyllis Vanetek 24 Feb 2016

Me overly this numbers keep on cacao me.lately they r merely annoying BR BR BR BR BR BR i pick up and said I'm bay afterward hang upward.BR after that never answer their calls again.BR have call eds me more than times in this two weeks with the above distinct numbers.

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    By Ann Warner 26 Apr 2016

    a girl with an Indian emphasis who claimed to be calling from windows specialized department and inquired me if i had a computer. i said yes and a male voice with better English skills came on the telephone. he inquired me how i were i said i was fine and inquired what this was around since his coworker failed to describe this to me and he instantly hung upwards on me.BR BR there was a lot of noise and voices in the foundation most likely a call center with really shady company practices.


    By Nadia Khanfar 27 May 2016

    no one responded.


    By Denver Shealy 26 Mar 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Lakeisha Smallwood 13 Jun 2016

    i would like to know who calls me


    By Darlene Day-bonney 05 Jul 2016

    did not leave a message.


    By James Truitt 17 Apr 2016

    that's where i found the form on Facebook so filled it in but shifted mind ha ha


    By Carl Butler 21 Jun 2016

    i have been getting calls from this number.


    By Cora Drake 02 Apr 2016

    these Asian scam calls are most certainly not gathering info to sell on. you have been profiled for future scam calls and you will be hounded to departure by them unless you get a BTU or similar phone.


    By Jacob Ramig 14 Mar 2016

    i have no idea WHO's amount this is but they Kellie


    By Adrian Philpott 26 Jan 2016

    did not leave a voice message.

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