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By Francis Remo 23 Jun 2016

I got a call from this number too. it said my gate city MasterCard was locked. the difficulty is i dint have one. its merely a scam from someone hoping to get your card info likely banking on the chance that you have one and you re slow enough to enter your card tips around the telephone.

By Richard d Holly 03 Mar 2016

Llama y no contest

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    By Tanish Mcdowell 17 May 2016

    called from this number asking for my bank details in order to pay a bill


    By Arnold De Jesus 09 Jul 2016



    By Milton Mcgrew 26 Apr 2016

    got a call this evening sounded like a crowded room possibly a pub. no one spoke a couple encourage a and subsequently hung upwards.


    By Rachel Balderson 11 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount left no message.


    By Erwin Guerra 02 May 2016

    called and hung up when i replied.


    By Colby Freda 06 May 2016

    some body named me and i place a gm ail address


    By REGINA DANIEL 24 Mar 2016

    well well well...... BR so its not only me that's had issues with these ace holes afterward i used to work for these weirdos a long time past and they were a couple of horrors. man and wife team. suitable scampers like. among them.........proper couple of slave drivers.and they're both thick.god knows how they have the pox company they have.talk around countryman's worth is an understatement.the working conditions were appalling and they bunched us all together inside a room while the two of them sat next to us watching around us. it was horrendous enjoy.their staff hates em....... Trevor Parker is so tight its outrages. hes as dodgy as they come. crooked as a witches arm that one like the worst job i have ever had. it was like working for the gestapo. your every go was monitored. you would even be followed to the toilet to assess you didn't call your fowl on route or while you were urinating.they have other tenant sin the building enjoy and they all hate em and slag em off. not one other worker within the building can say a pleasant word about em. it was horrendous.i spoke to a solicitor around taking them to a tribunal but i couldn't manage the layout fee.a disgusting pair of human beings and i trust karma catches upwards with these miserable bated. oh and there special needs son works for Dem overly and you've never seen such a pathetic effort of a man. wrapped upwards in cotton wool like and a grown into a Mary queen.complete moron that may not recruit whatsoever. he is a complete failure as a sales rep and was carried by papa and mums at all times. no other reputable business would employ him so has to work for pappy........fine lad like but completely backward. cant really slate him but if mammy and pappy went near he need last minutes in the big wide world. total Mary queen but as i say he is a fine fella that's harmless. wet behind the ears which incidentally enjoy pappy's were enormous Lola.I've moved on inside the recruitment industry and now work for a proper business thank the lord in Manchester.i suppose you've got to st rt somewhere i assume enjoy........ but in the finish you simply have to walk on walk on with expect in your heart..........................


    By Cheryl Tambouri 01 Jun 2016

    its a company named something didn't catch the first part finance and when i rang back i got a record telling me that its not an urgent call and i dint need to do anything. they afterward give another telephone amount that you can seemingly contact if you want to be removed from their list. the call back didn't cost me a fortune just typical call charge. I'm not sure what they are attempting to sell or would as they never speak when i answer and as mentioned calling them back doesn't get you anyplace either.


    By Benjamin Klancher 15 Jun 2016

    reported elsewhere new EEO telephone from auto phone warehouse keeps sending texts to this amount including my IMO amount and i am not sure how to quit it. EEO charge p for every text sent but no meaningful reply shown.BR BR the amount itself seems to be on Guernsey where the operator is surgeons ltd.BR BR would it not be simple enough to ask EEO to clarify the source of the charge


    By Kelli Hunnicutt 25 Apr 2016

    got a missed call from got a express mail from saying help with a really whisper express. .. like a spirit or something. what would u guys think

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