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By SHERRI FORD 25 Feb 2016

Very odd i have sky providing my land line and broadband and got a call on my mobile from this amount. sky have never been given my cellular telephone amount. dint trust these folks.

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    By ABBEY PEIFFER 06 Apr 2016

    simply receive a minute ago and it tells a promotion of free calls using Facebook its a recorder voice message. i dint know which talcum company is this or might it be a fraud. i dint know.


    By Jenneaka Holiday 07 May 2016

    i simply need to know who this person


    By Gwen Pekuri 01 Jun 2016



    By Adriana Howe 18 May 2016

    we received a call from this number yesterday.


    By Amber Beukema 01 Jul 2016

    has been calling me


    By DOROTHY DANIELS 10 Jul 2016

    called and left no voice message.


    By Alexis Senften 06 Jun 2016

    called now claiming to be BTU saving me money on my residence phone and broadband. the woman inquired me to confirm my postcode i inquired her to read outside my postcode and incited she could be anyone and if she genuinely was from BTU she would have this info she said i had to tell her my postcode as i could be anyone so i told her it wasn't sensitive information about folks on our street have the same one. line went dead


    By Cary Alepzelter 14 Jul 2016

    i dint know who this is and its obviously not a customer but it goes to a voice mail of Carl Ferguson has anyone else had calls from this number


    By Joan Zocklein 11 Feb 2016

    phone rings pick it up silence subsequently phone goes dead. this has happened three times in the last week and it's always the same number


    By Alexander Dearmas 04 May 2016

    ignored it

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