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By M Siddique 22 Jun 2016

They rang me three times never left a message and when i rang them back the operator said the amount was not recognized.

By Monique Downs 21 Mar 2016

Missed call

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    By Elsie Henson 27 Jun 2016

    who is calling and blocking my line Min's each time and eh en i call back they dint answer


    By Edward Osiecki 10 Jul 2016

    caller offered an investment which would give . told him i believed him and additionally believed that elephants could fly. told him to get off the line


    By Judith Hanchey 07 May 2016

    strange call. left message on response phone. sounded disabled or drunk


    By Kristin Stouffer 13 May 2016

    unknown caller


    By Bic Danh 28 Jun 2016

    hi everyone i understand this has been posted before and created a lot of feedback from other who have been caught outside by this scam they are named schools supplies serviceable they promise that for a one off fee of for months you have accessibility to all the schools in the local place to marketplace your business and sell to them.BR regrettably i fell victim to this con due to the amount of pressure on the phone call before i could read all the reviews i attempted to cancel instantly and have never logged on to my account. they will not let you out of the contract knowing fine well that you have no alternative but to pay. they send befriending threats affecting what will occur if you dint pay and never return telephone calls. the so named salesman is called john Evans and a horrid accounts ladybird BR do not get sucked into this one i would love to here other peoples experiences and how they managed to resolve this. please notify any business you come across regarding this absolute con


    By Shereen Simon 26 Feb 2016

    they're yodel couriers and are searching for local couriers


    By Thomson Stanfield 25 Apr 2016

    when the machine picked upward caller hung upwards.


    By Ryan Partow 13 Apr 2016

    recorded caller says she is from the IRS heavy accent. i understand its a scam the IRS does not call folks.


    By Cheri Kirkpatrick 09 Apr 2016

    named my cell telephone and hung upward when i answered


    By Jadwiga Cywinski 12 Feb 2016

    does anyone know this number

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