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By Patsy Reeder 16 Mar 2016

Keep sending inappropriate message

By Laura Olmedo 22 Feb 2016

I keep getting calls from this amount.

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    By Adam Belanger 02 Jan 2016

    got a MSG from this amount asking me to e email them regarding a thing i had for sale inside gum tree


    By Brandon Heff 05 Jun 2016

    poor experience actually pushy asking for private details around the phone


    By Steven Moore 08 May 2016

    decided up phone and there was silence on the other end.


    By Kenneth Bahrs jr 21 Mar 2016

    they keep calling me from same amount press and get through to someone in UK inquired for the company name and it is UK debt helpline apparently inquired how they got my number and then the guy hangs up.BR time wasters that need closing down.


    By Malcolm Agnew 01 Apr 2016

    sales call.


    By Mykel Rollins 25 Apr 2016

    Indian girl asks if you desire better rate on credit card afterward asks which card you and if you give her the info they have it


    By rwkr3572 sbcglobal.net Wendy 03 Jul 2016

    scum bags called again and again if i get my hands on them ill tear the nuts off and they can have them as tonsils...


    By Nhffhhfv Ssggtfdv 14 May 2016

    no answer


    By Anne Nuckolls 01 May 2016

    i have but i didn't answer it amp when i tried calling back it said it was disconnected


    By Virginia Hosmer 19 Apr 2016


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