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By Gay Mcham 30 Jun 2016

Received this call but i didn't pick up after review the info here decided to block it. p

By Luther Howell 02 Jun 2016

Calls all the time.

By David Winget 11 Jan 2016

Scampers and bad ones at that. dint can what they are asking you to can under any circumstances. keep them hanging on the phone as long as you will subsequently tell them that your computer or com poo tarry as they say it has flashed upward a warning telling you that you are being telephoned by fraudsters. it makes them go away really quickly.

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    By A. Woodley 28 Apr 2016

    cozy number


    By Avon Wallace 24 May 2016

    hi great night


    By Erik Buchwald 25 Mar 2016

    moles ta


    By Debra Thornsbury 25 Apr 2016

    does anyone understand who this number belongs to when i answered they hung upwards after a few seconds.


    By Catherine Bowes 04 Feb 2016

    somebody call me but i dint know him


    By Tisha Langley 10 Feb 2016

    sales calls


    By Ram Basavatia 11 Jun 2016

    no message left


    By CHRISTINE ROZINA 22 Mar 2016



    By medical4lyfe sbcglobal.net Nena 12 May 2016

    none of this batch of numbers has ever been issued hence they exist just inside cyberspace so no one may call or locate them. the fraud community has caught on to this within recent weeks as will a quick scan down the latest calls list on Cm show. clever small trick to support possibility victims to response their telephone from seemingly a fundamental London UK caller.BR of com in its normal wisdom amp eternal optimism has set apart for picture amp television companies to use when an actor is making a phone call bit like every number on u.s. produced picture amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la place codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts kind wizardry the amount you see ain't consistently what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller show has with any digits blow off block if you will dint response it therein lies the course to grief and loss of money.


    By Pamela Mork 05 Jul 2016

    this number keeps calling me

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