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By Alex Kweller 25 Jun 2016

Dint know name

By Chris Ion 17 Apr 2016

This number keeps calling my house. he told us our computer is sending signals. we fell for it and he fixed our computer and charged us . called again and we did not recognize the number and he said hello we lately fixed Micheal's computer and we need to tell you that your computers been hacked. i said first of all you did not mend our computer at all. second please quit calling our amount. subsequently i just hung upward. today thanksgiving he calls our number and we merely let it be.

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    By Shatira Nicholson 14 Apr 2016

    EU i simply had that amount call me. i didn't answer it because i was in the middle of a poker app hoping it would leave a message or something. well they didn't so i called it back it rang once subsequently stayed the amount or code you have dialed is wrong... so i go ogled the number and this was the only post around it and u are the only one that's composed anything about it. so i desired to ask you what type of radio did it sounds like a mam radio or like a scanner radio and the sound of talking folks inside the history was it like a group of voice having distinct conversations or enjoy a bunch of voices saying the same thing all collectively guy after seeing just you with the same strange call i actually regret not answering. so i hope u read this and could reply my questions. oh by the was what nation would u live in by the manner i live within California USA. did the amount call your house phone or cell phone thanks...


    By Chris Fallis 01 May 2016

    keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


    By Herbert Batson 02 Feb 2016

    who is this company


    By Tyler Lozier 28 Jun 2016

    whose number is this


    By Fenske Meri 09 Jun 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this amount.


    By kate mccourt 13 Mar 2016

    who is this amount that keeps calling BR i dint understand anyone within America and amount is from California


    By Lizzette Gonzales 17 May 2016

    they only named me.


    By Ephraim Palmero 03 Jun 2016

    to not present the offer of speaking to an agent is illegal if more than of their calls aren't connected. i would report them to of com under the misuse of telecommunications act. the fine is around to go upward to for breaching this laws.


    By Laloifi l Smith 17 May 2016

    i want to call this number. i make the call from Roumania but i will not entire the call because i do not now the state prefix


    By Randy Johnston ii 15 Mar 2016

    ill being called

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