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By Mary Cerwick 25 May 2016

Simply got called. recorded press or type thing around boilers.

By Sophia Depina 04 Mar 2016

This is the fundamental amount for the BSA fort SAM Houston Texas telephone system. so anyone on ft SAM including even anyone at Brooke army medical ctr or Sammy could be attempting to call you

By Naomi r. Lindahl 26 Feb 2016

Received a call from this amount . the caller said they were from em rs which is a market consultancy based inside Tasmania. when queried she said they were exempt from the can no call enroll as they can market surveys and aren't offering anything for sale. their web site basically says they will survey individuals via telephone for a cost.

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    By Sheryl Degenhardt 02 Jun 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Iona Golden 08 Jul 2016

    pare recorded call about a company matter press one if you are xxx no option to tell them they are calling the wrong number I have just had my number for years oh dear.


    By Chance Hll 25 Jun 2016

    i received the message from this amount and ask me to call for a gift. please identify


    By Chad Konecky 06 May 2016

    i received more calls from the same amount they said they're from desalt i believe they may not. anybody knows


    By Jennifer Witmer 04 May 2016

    got a call. replied and they hung upward.


    By Ann Garrigan 06 Apr 2016

    these clowns send you a text ask you to call this number at newline for a Mr ram scar Mr brownish hands they say you are in debt and sheriffs officers are on their way to your home.BR this is not newlines number but the number of a fraudster who will inquire for your details name bank details pin amount.BR don't call this number it is a premium rate call line.BR if they pester you ignore them they do not know your name or anything around yob if you wish to react text them advising them to go and throw at the moon


    By Gabriel Nemeth 30 Jun 2016

    any ideas who this might be


    By Ed Bresler 20 Jan 2016

    i have received a call is from this amount and my accurate call system shows it to having been sent through a radio paging system it's no doubt though another scam generated by some worthless cretin blow off it.


    By Nadia Madjid 27 Jun 2016

    Google seems to consider it is a private amount inside willingly. hunt there should tell you what you need to know.


    By Floyd Woodward 26 Jan 2016

    they're calling every or hours. wish i knew how to block them. this simply began now. yes they are a scam.

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