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By A Doone 13 May 2016

Called and left no message.

By Melanie Goodsell 25 Mar 2016

This is the second call i got from caller told me they had detected problems on my PC and that it was being corrupted inside the back end and that they could mend the issue if i went to my PC. i asked who they worked for and he said they were connected to Microsoft windows inside some way. i inquired him of course he was in India from the express what he got out of this and why he was being altruistic well he didn't have an response and he kept asking me to go to my PC i finally told him to call back later and he hung up without a goodbye so I'm sure it was a scam to get into my PC.

By James Deboard ii 28 Jan 2016

Who owns this number attempted to call but always a busy line

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    By Pancho Andrade 26 Jun 2016

    need to know


    By Semyon Kats 27 Apr 2016



    By JOSEPH P CARUSO 14 Jun 2016

    I've been invoicing companies for wasting my time for years it must be at least years past i advertising viced Thompson local i would invoice them they rang an gain and i charged them a small fortune and they paid finest part was i had a letter overly saying sorry


    By Felicia Lynch 13 May 2016

    tom its all erroneous they say that only you will get the leads for that area that's a lie they re sell them as and when they come through to other instructors in that region they additionally dint have contracts with colleges and they also dint work with them its all a money making scam and if it doesn't work for you u dint get a refund also they debit your account each month with or without your permission they additionally do taxi leads for taxes they sell them to taxi company's and subsequently there own brokering team takes them leads and offers them a cheaper taxi and they make money on that so the taxi company's dint just get the leads either plus only individuals work within there office though they all give outside distinct names point is dint go near them this business will be close down soon


    By Poopy Mc poop 27 Apr 2016

    i got a call from this number


    By Steve Husson 22 May 2016

    had this amount call me twice the first time no one spoke the second time it was a man saying he was calling from a company did not hear business name around a road injury i had inside the last and a half years. as i have not had a road injury i would say this is a scam so be attentive.


    By Michele Terry 27 May 2016

    I have additionally had a lot of calls from this amount.BR BR when i call the amount it diverts to express email with the message the amount is disconnected or unavailable.BR BR id enjoy to know who they are so i will tell them to stop calling me


    By Bhanu Iyer 24 May 2016

    so do i. this is the third number i have blocked from my phone. the others are amp . i believe they're connected inside some manner. they dint response when i would decide upwards and will ring a amount of times each day.


    By Ryan Devil 29 Jun 2016

    stated being from Tolstoy and that there was a fault on the net connection.BR hang up.


    By Liza Lancione 02 Jul 2016

    this sequence of apparently essential London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com could can about it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. merely ignore. or better still reply amp love winding up Natasha or whatever else bogus name shes using

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