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By Don Denofrio 18 Mar 2016


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    By Matthew Arrowood 17 Apr 2016

    this amount is getup asking for donations.


    By Wendi Jarvais 01 May 2016

    Rob call he identified himself as policeman Steve Parker from the IRS then said to contact him regarding my tax fraud before i get arrested the only fraud committed here is him identifying himself as an IRS agent. he gave a callback number but i just hung up before hearing it.


    By Jean Telfort 01 Mar 2016

    they named me from BC and offering me lottery amount


    By Joyce Westcot 11 Jul 2016

    poi Bacall with the same Englishwoman's voice leaving a message i have received this same call from distinct nos for at least a bearer BR i constantly report them to icon but they obviously ha vent stopped this one


    By Oma Bowyer 01 Jul 2016

    call from


    By Kristen Pelotte 28 Apr 2016

    northern accent phoned offering a residence security survey. claimed to have obtained information from national database. nearly definitely a scummier or sales lead generator as the info used was obtained illegally.


    By Alka Dhankani 12 May 2016

    i dint know who this was. not a business but a boy man. he merely cheered me up. he made my day for no reason. if any one knows who this amount is please tell me. i attempted to call him back but there was no response.BR BR i wouldn't call it a prank call. he explained he was trying to encourage up as many people as possible.


    By Connie Idearman 30 May 2016

    Asian man called graham only named us on this number asking if he could assess the phone line. told him he was speaking entire bilge and to never call again.


    By Amber Dement 03 Jun 2016

    yes authentic number the fraud dept at co op bank. i received automated messages didn't react to these via machine alternative but phoned amount back. as i expressed worry as to whom i was calling the advisor said i could call the ordinary co op phone banking number do normal security details and subsequently be place through to that dept if that would reassure me.BR BR they were checking account a big spend which was valid


    By Arlene Kobler 16 Jun 2016

    repeated calls

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