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By Mario otto Reyes 02 Mar 2016

Short ring subsequently hangs up

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    By Pam Yaylor 19 Apr 2016

    this number keeps calling.


    By Laurie Viscusi 18 Mar 2016

    why will you not reply you telephone seconds after you place the telephone down on me


    By ROY WHALEY 16 Jun 2016

    I have been named by this number twice now. they named me yesterday as well i replied my telephone when they called me around Min's past but it was merely quiet you call me i response the telephone but subsequently you dint even talk and hang up Lola. i attempted calling back a few times but it does not go through. time wasters.


    By Matthew Ruzicki 12 Mar 2016

    another nuisance caller. response and it goes dead.


    By Mallory Creecy 07 Apr 2016

    assert to be from individuals attention and needed to discuss later life planning. definitely from Perth Scotland


    By Marva Billingsley 06 May 2016

    received a call from lee at digital claiming to be my sky TV cover company. he confirmed my name and address details. i inquired if they were my current provider and he replied that they were. this is a lie. he told me what sky boxes i have and said that i was going to be given a reduced charge for the insurance cover. he said this was because i was a low danger customer. he afterward asked for my bank card details. i asked him which one he said the one that begins with xx xx. seemingly all cards begin with the same numbers i said i wasn't really happy around giving my card details over the telephone and if he read out the remainder of the numbers i would tell him if they were right or not. he couldn't can this as he didn't have the numbers on the system so would i tell him what they were i told him i wouldn't can that but if he wrote to me i would write back with the details. he then proposed that to establish that he was legit i could telephone and talk to the supervisor who would subsequently confirm who he was. could i do this in the next minutest i then phoned sky protect my valid cover company. my cover does not need renewing till later this year. they told me that digital were another company striving to gain my company. they said that it was a lie that i was due a reduced charge. seems to me to be a con trick. this certainly is tremendously underhand why aren't the fraud squad investigating such sharp practice


    By Anthony Chicklas 21 Feb 2016

    poi recorded message these people drive you nuts


    By Lois Ruffner 29 May 2016

    stop calling me i know you are using different numbers


    By Larry Box 27 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Sara Bath 07 Mar 2016

    injury clan experts

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