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By Ravi Kundurthi 29 May 2016

Another call from another new number. dint these individuals ever give up

By Patrick Freal 03 Mar 2016

Call received from this cellular telephone amount. youthful lady saying she was calling from ova energy saying she wasn't trying to sell anything but she wanted to let me understand about some government initiative and solar panels. told her i rented from the council and she ended the call. not fairly sure i got the name of the business right and was they calling from a cellular telephone amount i believed ova Emery were electricity re sellers

By Samantha Hedges 05 Jan 2016

Debt collector its a man that rude and keep calling in a week.BR I have no debt with any bank accept for my car loan which never paid late . felt harassed and was presuming to made authorities report. blocked this number.

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    By Lori Hotzler 08 May 2016

    pare recorded call their records show that i had a no fault accident. liars and scampers


    By G Sentell 12 Jul 2016

    calls all the time. does not leave any message.


    By Aji Nyane 23 Mar 2016

    the caller called me on this amount did not leave a message on my voice mail


    By Michelle Brenen 08 Jan 2016

    named unknown number


    By Michelle Sekora 29 Feb 2016

    computer hacker do not consider them they will attempt and put a virus in your computer


    By Paula Hebert 07 Jul 2016

    got a call missed answering called back got dead line.


    By Danny Judkins 18 Mar 2016

    i get a lot of calls from this amount i do not know who it's that is Cain me


    By Jennie Malson 03 Apr 2016

    an Indian sounding gentleman called me advising that i had unsecured debts that i had failed to pay and was calling to gather on them. i dint have any debts never had except for a mortgage. i advised him of this and he just said oh Acceptable and hung upward on me. i think he said he was from info shield.


    By Jamie m Miller 06 Jul 2016

    simply got a call from . i did not reply. what kind of number is this


    By Joclyne Anderson 27 Jan 2016

    response and no one speaks . i think it is a evaluation to see it's answered and afterward one is bombarded with some scam or another.

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