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By Ravi Kundurthi 29 May 2016

Another call from another new number. dint these individuals ever give up

By Patrick Freal 03 Mar 2016

Call received from this cellular telephone amount. youthful lady saying she was calling from ova energy saying she wasn't trying to sell anything but she wanted to let me understand about some government initiative and solar panels. told her i rented from the council and she ended the call. not fairly sure i got the name of the business right and was they calling from a cellular telephone amount i believed ova Emery were electricity re sellers

By Samantha Hedges 05 Jan 2016

Debt collector its a man that rude and keep calling in a week.BR I have no debt with any bank accept for my car loan which never paid late . felt harassed and was presuming to made authorities report. blocked this number.

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    By Lu Curtis 13 Jul 2016

    merely receive the same text message. i cancelled my account with prim us now named fuel broadband over a year ago due to them not delivering what was promised within the contract. all bills were settled and i have not heard from then since.BR BR really dodgy. text message deleted


    By Rafael Maramba 23 Jun 2016

    they called my acreage line and it rang but no message. subsequently my mobile rang no message. interested because when giving my amount i only give either my mobile or acreage line. yet i note upward above Scottish power which makes sense. still dint want to be rung up


    By Laquincia Manning 29 May 2016

    this call get my all balance from one call its second


    By jacek steczyszyn 09 Apr 2016

    i desire to understand who is using that number


    By Stan Pottruff 28 May 2016

    repeated calls from this number.


    By Edson Genealogical 12 Jun 2016



    By Carrie Styron 30 Jun 2016

    i dialed the amount the caller is ideal world


    By Bonnie Lennon 07 Jul 2016

    i adore u


    By Debra anne Gloyd 16 May 2016

    who was calling


    By Elizabeth Zutes 08 Jun 2016

    got a call with no message left.

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