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By Ravi Kundurthi 29 May 2016

Another call from another new number. dint these individuals ever give up

By Patrick Freal 03 Mar 2016

Call received from this cellular telephone amount. youthful lady saying she was calling from ova energy saying she wasn't trying to sell anything but she wanted to let me understand about some government initiative and solar panels. told her i rented from the council and she ended the call. not fairly sure i got the name of the business right and was they calling from a cellular telephone amount i believed ova Emery were electricity re sellers

By Samantha Hedges 05 Jan 2016

Debt collector its a man that rude and keep calling in a week.BR I have no debt with any bank accept for my car loan which never paid late . felt harassed and was presuming to made authorities report. blocked this number.

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    By Nicey Rodriguez 05 Apr 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By Marquita Lincoln 05 Jul 2016

    merely wondering who it is getting it regular


    By Denise Wendt 24 Feb 2016

    this amount calls every day asking for my associate subsequently hangs up


    By Julia Hansen 14 May 2016

    despite not having a company and not having any business cars my dwelling telephone gets a call around once a month from this amount. each call begins with a polite individual asking to speak to the man who deals with the fuel for my business vehicles i explain that there are no vehicles and no company they say sorry and hang up.BR BR afterward a month later it happens again.BR BR it is great to know that lorry load has felt the urge to go all over various websites recommending this company...not at all dodgy........


    By Murray Perkins 21 Jun 2016

    only got a missed call from this amount.


    By James Marksberry 16 Jan 2016

    its so annoying how so many people you dint know or need to know is allowed to call your private amount ..


    By Nicholas Vancd 25 Jun 2016

    La's meres obtaining Eli reecho AL Vito Poe prim era vex en Neva sandbar BR HTTP..com


    By Ann M 29 May 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Seng Quan 24 Jan 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By Karen Esten 22 Jun 2016

    no message

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