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By Alyssa Forgione 06 Mar 2016

Received a telephone call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.

By Mary Vancura 29 Jan 2016

Got a call yesterday.

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    By Karey Vandine 08 Feb 2016

    i received a call on Friday about settlement from a car accident i was involved inside back within august . the man hardly let me speak simply kept going on about settlement that Churchill insurance the insurance company of the individual that drove into me owed me and this company he said he worked on behalf of express law desired to help me to claim it. i could hardly get a word in and the next minute hes telling me hell phone back inside the morning Saturday morning or get a solicitor to telephone me and organize for documents to be sent out to me on wed nighttime at pm. he phoned twice on sat morning i ignored it and left a express mail saying to call him back to support it was Acceptable to receive the documents and he said his name was David. i attempted calling plenty of times to tell him i wasn't interested in trying to promise compensation but it kept going to express mail so i left a express email. i afterward received a text yesterday Monday saying this good day. your appointment is booked for . on behalf of express law if this is not convenient please call regards William brook area i have copied it precisely as they sent it. i have attempted calling the mobile amount it was sent from to cancel appointment but nobody replied so i text ed back today Tues saying not interested do not come to my house. then another mobile number phoned me Min's ago but only let it ring twice before i could response and left a express mail involving my appointment tomorrow at pm. tried to telephone them back and they will not reply BR BR first telephone number i was contacted from BR phone amount i was told to contact David on after he left me the express email BR telephone amount i received the text from on Monday BR phone number that tried to call me today and left a Marlboro BR i have read through this thread as i had a feeling something didn't add up when i received the original call on Friday. i wasn't contacted from the phone numbers that have been listed by others inside this thread but would you want to understand the strangest part to this i live in Glasgow Scotland they contacted me on my cellular telephone and they had all the details of the crash i was involved within they said they were based inside England so i dint comprehend who they are attempting to send to my house on Wednesday at pm and if they are the same express law that are mentioned within this thread then could this be a new scam i am a female in my own early s so they might think I'm vulnerable enough to give them money upfront caller express work BR see a .com telephone amount..com telephone number.ASPCA original


    By DEBBIE FLEMMING 14 May 2016

    who is the caller.


    By Dorothy Tickle 22 Feb 2016

    i was wanting to understand who was calling me


    By Mark Kanges 22 May 2016

    called and left no message.


    By Dave Paruti 18 Feb 2016

    scam scam


    By Eunice Weaver 06 Mar 2016

    had a missed call


    By Bridget Toups 09 Jul 2016

    they never leave a message.


    By Teresa Razdik 15 Feb 2016

    could you cease these folks selling plea see


    By Rena Vasquez 05 Mar 2016

    who is calling me


    By Leonard Stockton 21 Jun 2016

    i had a text saying id received new photograph message

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