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By James Jones sr 11 Mar 2016

Its def reddish cross

By Russell Schoch 10 Jan 2016

Hello mumble someone said you could look upward peoples phone amount on Google and it would say how it was so i wanted to try it out please tell me if it went to yob brook us

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    By Stacey Mothersill 25 May 2016

    this amount called me he is working as a debt counsellor for fiscal businesses he will tell you that he wants to talk to you about about your current situation debt you have but truly what they would is take outside pare sue reports so a quick look indoors your house to see how you live and report back to the loan company what exactly is worse is that the finance business will add to your loan or mortgage. you call them and refuse them they are not allowed to charge you if you refuse.


    By June Asci 01 Jul 2016

    received call from this no. overly merely now..said is from Hmong Long bank.. describe around what tankful.. at last need me to take the program but I am just reject him and hang upward. i think is a scam call.


    By Nishita Shukla 15 May 2016

    its just British gasoline. they call back additionally on an sorry deleted amount now number i spoke to them yesterday. had a few missed calls off them last night whilst inside bed ill.


    By Paul Kilby 15 May 2016

    blue branch marketing are they legit


    By Heather Colelough 15 Mar 2016

    i have had repeated calls from this business and i nobody anything so exactly why times inside a day. the Muppet's on the finish who should get a real occupation promises they wont ring again as their nose grows a small longer...........


    By Jessica Boatright 10 Jun 2016

    been receiving odd messages from this caller


    By Courtney Manderville 14 May 2016

    received telephone call. did not answer.


    By Tim Alzheimer 13 May 2016

    curio miserable Poe saber a quine y DE dined carry on Eli Nero. Garcia's


    By Justin Myrick 05 Jun 2016

    calling through the day and evening subsequently hanging up


    By Cathy Moquin 15 Feb 2016

    i merely received several phone calls at my job and they made several harassing telephone calls to my year old mother stating that my last digits of my societal security number is involved within a suit being filed against me. i asked the caller what is the name of your company and they hung upwards on me. these individuals are harassing regular hardworking folks at their jobs and their homes for no good reason at all. if there is a way to cease them please start some type of activity before they give someone a heart strike or stroke or worst cause someones death.

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