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By Phyllis Mikutaicis 03 Jul 2016

Keeps making annoying unanswered calls

By Tammy Savary 14 Jan 2016

Phoned at am. code v inside name display. no message left.

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    By Joaprh Wells 06 Jul 2016

    no answer


    By Sue Agosto 01 May 2016

    got a call yesterday.


    By Matt Dyke 24 Jun 2016

    they called and stumbled with what they were saying but asked if i needed any sort of house development a special going on. really rude women..


    By Lance Wigington 14 Feb 2016

    who rang


    By Go Sarah_jane_go yahoo.com 18 Mar 2016

    they monitor our companies alarms system calling the designated contact on any activation.


    By Dale Sterner 13 May 2016

    we understand you've had a car injury lately that wasn't your fault... hung up.


    By Neil Rossmeissl 26 May 2016

    got a call on my cell.


    By Debbie Ketter 15 Jun 2016

    received my fourth call within three weeks today from consistently ardently Indian accented callers telling me that they my computer was running slow and afterward attempting to get me to open event audience to show i had a virus on the PC that they could help me remove. only difference now was that instead of being unavailable international they spoofed the UK London amount of it does not say much for the competence of both of com and BTU that they are still capable to so readily spoof UK numbers when undoubtedly calling from overseas.BR BR however have now got bored with the going through the motions of seeming interested charade and as i also had the telephone amount shortly hung up after asking the Indian concerned if he didn't have a conscience around attempting to scam elderly exposed trusting individuals within another state and why he could not get a more useful job like driving a ticktock taxi round town within Chennai or wherever they were from.BR BR I am sure that both a .activity fraud.police.Uganda icon.org.UK as well as a .of com.org.unwell show to be as useless as they consistently are within taking any activity to quit future repetitions of competitive high value telephone based frauds of this type.


    By Sidney Cormier 15 Apr 2016

    unknown amount calling


    By Michaela Smart 17 May 2016

    if you Google that amount attentively you will locate a complete name and address. there's consistently the danger that Daniel was spoofing the number he named from and you be blaming the wrong individual. frustrating isn't it

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