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By Phyllis Mikutaicis 03 Jul 2016

Keeps making annoying unanswered calls

By Tammy Savary 14 Jan 2016

Phoned at am. code v inside name display. no message left.

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    By Jeramie Gilreath 23 Jun 2016

    has named times now i am quite annoyed and upset about this because my mom passed away a few days past and i was waiting to receive significant phone calls but when i picked it up times it was this amount ringing with merely a high pitched buzzing sound. could anyone identify who the caller was


    By Mary Jane Kinsey 09 May 2016

    called but left no message


    By Katrica Obrien 13 Jun 2016

    this number appeared on my virgin bill but we have no recollection of calling it. from other opinions it would be adding to the price to attempt to get virgin to describe it. virgin is getting very expensive general. wish we had a great broadband alternative.


    By Tess Watts 12 May 2016

    this amount has called my residence several times and never left a message. i am registered with the telephone taste service.


    By Debbie Trant 03 Jun 2016

    sure call


    By Katie Mosley 06 Jul 2016

    spam text sent from heart ltd heart heating solutions about their a rated boilers fitted from per week exactly why they need to fit them every week is a mystery. these don caster are doing this from their business within England so these con men aren't too glowing as they will be heavily fined unlikely.


    By charlotte hamons 17 May 2016

    phoned and left no message.


    By Jennifer Abillie 30 Apr 2016

    i received a call from this number around a loan i dint know who they are


    By AMY WEGNER 29 Apr 2016

    lo wells notorious and shady debt group agency you should on no account speak to by telephone and if they call you hang up.BR BR if you have a call blocker or a call filtering system accurate calls a great one afterward make sure these numbers are entered and then they ll never get through to you.BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR also this business is notoriously awful at dealing with general inquiries or complaints so if you have such a complaint you would need to discuss with them do it by email and do it from a free hot mail account no manner should you use your ordinary everyday email address.BR BR if you have to send them an email subsequently create sure every among the addresses on the list below is copied inside they ll be considerably more inclined to pick your query up and cope with it correctly particularly if you dint buy their excuses fob offs and efforts to discount your inquiry all of which they will attempt to can if threes no money within it for them.BR BR please note that these email addresses have been comprised exclusively to help you reach them at your own convenience and on your own terms and not theirs they are not here to be abused IE. signed up to spiritual sites porn sites publication sites advertising sites spam etc.BR BR plus it really irritates them when they get more emails to trawl through than they need to so that's a plus within itself.BR BR Adam..co.Akbar Adrian..co.Akbar Agnew..co.Akbar Amanda..co.Akbar Amy..co.Akbar Andrew..co.Akbar Angela..co.Akbar Annette..co.Akbar Bethany..co.Akbar Bill..co.Akbar Brett..co.Akbar Brownie..co.Akbar carol..co.Akbar Chris..co.Akbar Chris..co.Akbar Christopher..co.Akbar Colin..co.Akbar .co.Akbar .co.Akbar Daniel..co.Akbar Danny..co.Akbar Daryl..co.Akbar David..co.Akbar Deena..co.Akbar Donna..co.Akbar Duncan..co.Akbar ed..co.Akbar Emma..co.Akbar .co.Akbar Fiona.maria.Bahamanian .co.Akbar florin..co.Akbar Gary..co.Akbar Gary..co.Akbar gill..co.Akbar heather..co.Akbar Jonathan..co.Akbar Ian..co.Akbar Iran..co.Akbar .co.Akbar jack..co.Akbar James..co.Akbar James..co.Akbar James..co.Akbar James..co.Akbar Jane..co.Akbar jay..co.Akbar Jeff..co.Akbar Jennifer..co.Akbar Jill..co.Akbar john..co.Akbar Karen..co.Akbar Katherine..co.Akbar lee..co.Akbar Lima..co.Akbar Lisa..co.Akbar Louise..co.Akbar man av..co.Akbar mark..co.Akbar mark..co.Akbar mark..co.Akbar mar tine..co.Akbar Matt..co.Akbar Matthew..co.Akbar Michael..co.Akbar Michael..co.Akbar Michelle..co.Akbar Michelle..co.Akbar nick..co.Akbar Oliver..co.Akbar Paul..co.Akbar Paul..co.Akbar Paula..co.Akbar Phil..co.Akbar Phil..co.Akbar .co.Akbar quasi..co.Akbar Rachel..co.Akbar rave..co.Akbar .co.Akbar rehang..co.Akbar Richard..co.Akbar Richard..co.Akbar Richard..co.Akbar Richard..co.Akbar Robert..co.Akbar Robert..co.Akbar Robert..co.Akbar Khoisan..co.Akbar Russell..co.Akbar sahib..co.Akbar SAM..co.Akbar SAM..co.Akbar Samantha..co.Akbar Sanka..co.Akbar Sara..co.Akbar Sarah..co.Akbar Sarah..co.Akbar Sarah..co.Akbar Sarah..co.Akbar Scott..co.Akbar Shana..co.Akbar shaft..co.Akbar shekel..co.Akbar Simon..co.Akbar Behan..co.Akbar Steve..co.Akbar sue..co.Akbar sue..co.Akbar Terri.Rochelle..co.Akbar timothy..co.Akbar Tisha..co.Akbar val..co.Akbar Vicky..co.Akbar Victoria..co.Akbar vi nay..co.Akbar Wesley..co.Akbar Zara..co.UK


    By Valerie Picco 09 Jun 2016

    caller said that they were calling from instant assist affecting a car injury my insurance had reported to them in the last years. she did not know the specifics of the injury or which insurance company i was with that had referred to them. i inquired if she was chilly calling me and when i asked to talk with her manager she put the phone down on me.

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