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By Phyllis Mikutaicis 03 Jul 2016

Keeps making annoying unanswered calls

By Tammy Savary 14 Jan 2016

Phoned at am. code v inside name display. no message left.

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    By Wanda Thompaon 01 Jun 2016



    By Quedus Babalola 06 Jul 2016

    got a call. replied and they hung upwards.


    By Stacey Philipps 10 Mar 2016

    Rob caller dial ling more numbers than the scampers may manage. if the scampers dint get on the call when you pick upward it holds for a few seconds then ends the call and your amount goes back into their calling list.then it begins again and again and again.


    By George Winkler 25 Apr 2016

    but when you see that amount you would understand that they are calling from abroad and either blow off it or block it if you had the skill to do that wouldn't you


    By Autumn Marker 26 Jan 2016

    these individuals are constantly updating a free listing. they call or times a day and every time i tell them I am not interested they keep telling me that they will call me again. I'm quite annoyed.


    By Jenni Tomaski 06 Jul 2016

    yup i got the exact same. disgusting. expect they're leaving you alone now.


    By Kellie Little 07 Jun 2016

    dead air


    By Schaub Lothspeich 14 Jun 2016

    called Min's ago


    By Daniel Ikeith 15 Jun 2016

    what happened when you contacted your bank amp what are they doing to prevent more withdrawals please do not pin down any personal information just what they advised


    By Patricia Benducci 06 Jul 2016

    no messages was left.

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