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By Joseph Shase 04 Apr 2016

Mirror that. call and wait to speak to you and then with a noisy office inside the background they hang upwards. suppose this to be a type of validation service for other telemarketers to understand if you ll answer your phone

By Dorzell Bankhead 04 Apr 2016

First call

By Anthony Verkinnes 29 Jan 2016

Get a silent call nearly every day from mobile numbers like this registered to define quite annoying

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    By Heather Robins 06 May 2016

    anyone else becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Catherine m Longfellow 22 Feb 2016

    a person called from the no. stating that his co is issuing reduction card on my existing credit card. yet i provided all erroneous advice affecting card expiry date digit card no. he asked for reconfirmation but i rejected he only disconnected the call then


    By Kathy Krakowski 14 Jun 2016

    paid me axon Ignatius exec Erna Mona me per noun fores tin Merak fores master lava k to sickos k den mi louse Kansans tiptoe.den zero ti Nikon me to us lakes


    By chris kovacinski 01 Jul 2016

    i keep getting telephone calls from this number and its really annoying.


    By Machelle Eanes 01 Jul 2016

    exactly why will this amount merely not be immobilized by whatever network it belongs to or may the mobile not be traced to whichever business is using it or something it's a pathetic waste of people time and worries.


    By Nick Anasinis 07 Apr 2016



    By Gerald Krein 11 Apr 2016

    telephone rings subsequently they hang upwards


    By Christine Cronmiller 10 Feb 2016

    who clad


    By Lelia Norsworthy 11 Jul 2016

    does someone know who calls from this number.


    By Bradley Ahaertel 18 Apr 2016

    i have merely began on a new plan and a new phone and these charges have started coming. inside the last months i have been chaired for matters i understand i didn't do. maybe our telecommunications providers should let us understand that this may happen so that we could take precautions so such a thing wont happen. not a very happy individual here.

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