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By Patricia Graves gilmore 10 Jul 2016

Phoned to discuss our mortgage with my husband was very condescending as if i would not understand anything around it Andre when told we have a fiscal advisor was even more so. i asked why are they phoning as on taps hung up

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    By Denim Enriquez 14 Jan 2016

    what they need need us to give feedback ea


    By Clara Ravenell 18 Apr 2016

    mg kn jug public bank...says TELNET skit byre loan rum ah


    By Mi Minicozzi 19 Mar 2016

    this named me twice today


    By Virginia Mora 15 May 2016



    By James m Butterton 17 Jun 2016

    number on my telephone whilst outside. no message and as the amount has much more characters than one would expect propose do not reply.


    By Peri Pourier 14 Mar 2016

    has anyone got the postal address for blue letter please i need it asap


    By Ben Nesson 12 Mar 2016

    poi advisory


    By Kevin Martelon 17 Feb 2016

    cap quest again ignore them


    By Harry Atkins 18 Mar 2016



    By Teresa jane Burnside 31 Mar 2016

    guy replied said he was calling from national accident. told me he was here to help me finalize my car crash assert. i inquired him where he got my details and he said the national injury database. i told him a his tips was wrong and he then proceeded to argue with me that the national database does not lie. i told him it probably doesn't bit as his business have likely bought my details that's were hes got my number from as i ha vent had a auto accident. i told him to remove my amount and not to call again

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