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By Patricia Graves gilmore 10 Jul 2016

Phoned to discuss our mortgage with my husband was very condescending as if i would not understand anything around it Andre when told we have a fiscal advisor was even more so. i asked why are they phoning as on taps hung up

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    By Melanie Liang 04 Mar 2016

    i do no this no


    By Vintley Loy 23 Apr 2016

    claims threes problems with my router and wanted to help right the problem


    By Brent Crowthers 26 Jun 2016



    By Mathew Iverson 25 Feb 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Todd Ambrose 13 Feb 2016

    called and hung upwards when i answered


    By bo carnes 09 Jan 2016

    nuisance call


    By Beth Chatlin 29 Mar 2016

    threes no science behind spirituality. the just thing behind spirituality is god our father inside nirvana who has given us all the novel of life amp what is expected from us to would as Christians amp how we should live our lives the manner he wants us to would in order for us to live eternal life within nirvana. cease striving to create matters so challenging amp trying to push foolish scientific approaches around sacred spirits on the people of the world. god gives us the power of the holy spirit just by dwelling his word amp praising him amp his name amp acknowledging him amp only him amp I'm pretty sure he does not offer the sacred spirit amp adore for his children through numbers amp scientific nonsense or anything that's so outrageously pathetic amp deceiving that would keep us out of heaven if we cant figure out what some place of numbers or scientific methods amp messages are. god loves all his children amp made it clear amp simple as to what we should do amp how we should live our lives inside order to cross through the gates of heaven instead of perishing within hell. Jesus died for all our sins amp we live by whats wrote in the scriptures amp this is all we need to now. lets not use the sensible minds he gave us for incorrect doing or evil or things we dint need to understand around or trying to play god because we are not even close to god. lets only focus on what the bible tells us to do amp thank our dad within heaven for loving us so much amp for giving us life amp a wonderful set within the world to live life.BR god bless us all


    By Loretta Delozier 17 Apr 2016

    got a call from this number


    By Kathy Asuncion 21 Jun 2016

    I have merely been contacted involving a month advertisement i did inside i verbally agreed the contract for months paid upfront and have been contacted by pro debt now to say i owe them moneybag BR please will anyone tell me the outcome if you didn't pay them they're saying if i dint pay this evening they will take me to court tomorrow.


    By Sierra Johnson 08 May 2016

    this amount showed upwards in my recent calls and inside not sure who they are or exactly why they're calling me. my mum called the number and it was a man who said he didn't know what my mum was talking around and then my mum inquired him exactly why he named me and he said sorry for that then hung upwards.

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