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By Callie Hughey 17 Feb 2016

Unknown caller

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    By G Worcester 28 Mar 2016



    By Karrie Woods 03 Feb 2016

    called me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By David Shashikant 25 Jun 2016



    By Ftgyhrftnb Rthjyjhge 29 Apr 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller left no voice message.


    By May Mcnay 21 Apr 2016

    i dint understand who they're


    By Trav Vallejo 07 Jun 2016


    By Elaine Ko talmadge 18 May 2016

    bay corp to my knowledge are not scampers they're bonfire debt collectors they have been harassing me weekly for a little cancelled bankcard approx. years past the debt was sold to them by Wests...they're among many debt collection agencies that purchase debts from the enormous boys i.e. banks tel cos utility companies etc. i located out recently there is a year limit for anyone to procure debts from anyone its called statue or stature of constraint. plus additionally if you are on any type of centre link benefits you have what's called protective income and are also ruling proof from these types of folks i tell them it's around years Beyer........they're still ignorant enough not to enter the details on their comp. screen they're only call centre operators anyways you tell them nothing


    By Erik Gosnell 17 May 2016

    scam BR BR the latest sap calling about GSA national contracts BR scam


    By Lutitia Crawford 03 Jul 2016

    it say do not return call and then if you do not return call great luck. Lola I am sure that's legit


    By Tory Acquaro 04 Jul 2016

    get a BTU cordless telephone.BR blocks all unwanted calls using BTU call guardian at no extra price.BR got one myself at Xmas peace at last.

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