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By Lourdes Robles 30 Mar 2016

No SE quine es Eli numeric

By Donya Frazier 24 Mar 2016

Same matter received call from same numbers and . this time say from xxxix attorney co.really rude soap mentioned i know where you stay and tote address to scare me they will confiscate all. bi la inquire what it's all about cannot give total details. anyone out there who could counsel what can we do if keep getting this rude caller.

By Julie Ramirez 05 Mar 2016

Sales call.

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    By Gaylor Hescock 16 Feb 2016



    By Laura Cajobe 23 May 2016

    received a phone call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By nancy mckechnie 12 Jul 2016

    simply after you to transform your supplier.


    By TYLER VOKES 11 Apr 2016

    i received this call whilst i was outside amp saw it displayed on caller show when i returned.BR i recently purchased a cordless telephone BTU from a e bay seller for this telephone can block up to of calls. log inside the number amp if they call again they will hear a message this man doesn't wish to receive your call please hang upward the beauty is you dint even hear the phone ring once you have blocked a specific number. you wont regret buying this telephone.


    By Barbara Bettcker 23 Jun 2016

    caller said i got dollars from a give dept afterward inquired med to purchase money card for hundred dollars


    By Shelley Wolfe 08 Apr 2016

    cleared account they still hound you


    By M Mcquown 13 May 2016

    who call me


    By Shawn Mcnamara 14 May 2016

    i have told overly cease calling they just keep it upwards every day something has to be done to quit them from calling


    By Chris Dembinski 16 Jun 2016

    they rang me around Chris mega i told them to wait on the line I'm watching the cricket and an hour after i got back to the telephone and they had hung upwards on me


    By Morris Pant 10 Jun 2016

    shape and

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