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By Lourdes Robles 30 Mar 2016

No SE quine es Eli numeric

By Donya Frazier 24 Mar 2016

Same matter received call from same numbers and . this time say from xxxix attorney co.really rude soap mentioned i know where you stay and tote address to scare me they will confiscate all. bi la inquire what it's all about cannot give total details. anyone out there who could counsel what can we do if keep getting this rude caller.

By Julie Ramirez 05 Mar 2016

Sales call.

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    By LARRY PENNOCK 04 Jul 2016

    no notion who they're they simply keep on ringing another on the blocked list


    By Michael Smethurst 06 Jun 2016

    named but left no message. i called the number fusion cover insurance brokers. amount now blocked


    By Hyunjung Park 19 Jun 2016

    this amount has called my dwelling several times.


    By Albert Marenholz 29 Jun 2016

    constantly call me. but didn't decide up


    By Juanita Castillo 07 May 2016

    I have received telephone calls at unacceptable hours am pa photograph texts saying thank you for joining amp they will be charging my Tolstoy account


    By Craig Boatwright 08 Feb 2016



    By Jerrica Ingram 26 Feb 2016



    By Kimberly Ocallaghan 31 May 2016

    this is a amount for dial direct insurance based in peter borough


    By Gerrianne Cheek 09 Jun 2016

    this originally started within the USA where calls to their numbers did cost upward to per minute it has now been exaggerated into thousands of dollars by individuals that circulate these frightening emails simply to cause panic and dismay. BR BR within the UK calls to are charged at the normal speed is the place code for county down inside northern Ireland . there are no numbers that you may dial from the UK that start either or as those particular codes ha vent been released but even if they were then would be a free call and would be p p minute.


    By Cycrice Shepard 20 Apr 2016


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