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By David Darguzis 30 Jun 2016

No one spoke.

By Gracie Lindsey 27 May 2016

Call with threats Aldo or times it get old

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    By Manjusha Guntur 25 Jan 2016

    when i replied nobody was there.


    By Rick Maier 20 Mar 2016

    quine es


    By Patsy Ligon 12 Jun 2016

    i am becoming calls from this number. could anyone please tell me who is calling from this amount.


    By Angela Byars 16 Feb 2016

    keeps calling no message


    By Carrie Pinkham 01 May 2016

    its mare calling for food she is famished its the hunger line


    By Tony Sdama 07 Apr 2016

    keeps on ringing me suddenly with another amount digit less each lumber BR most likely sycamore BR would be happy if someone could tell me the name of this


    By Thomas Quattrocchi 24 Feb 2016

    if you have been a customer at cow you may have tacitly given them permission to contact you. yet they should remove you when asked as its a company rule. if they don't go into your nearest division give them your details name house amount postcode and on the customer details page which holds all your preceding dealings there is a check box that they can tick to remove you from any type of contact. staff rarely ask if you desire to be removed and bypass around it. but it is there. if you have no happiness e Marlboro .co.UK and see if sir Charles may sort it.


    By Brad Jetmore 14 Jun 2016



    By Charles Pienezza 09 Apr 2016

    no one spoke.


    By Thomas Mcmaster 10 Jul 2016

    received a call from this amount today just to be informed about an auto injury i had suffered in the last two and a half years. i asked where they got their advice from just to be told the insurance business. i told them to go back to whoever supplied the advice as it was duff info. i afterward put the telephone down on the caller.

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