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By David Darguzis 30 Jun 2016

No one spoke.

By Gracie Lindsey 27 May 2016

Call with threats Aldo or times it get old

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    By Hilda Saucedo 18 Jun 2016

    no one said anything.


    By Shawna Hardy 01 Jul 2016

    aha Ehrenberg.BR they've called me everyday for the last week i missed the first couple subsequently thought id see if they left a message but still nothing.BR must be on some sort of call centre dallier.


    By John Mallett 06 Jan 2016

    looking for owner information.


    By Marnee Maughan 11 Jun 2016

    who called


    By Carly Mcintyre 05 Jul 2016

    named and left no voice message.


    By Selestina Dorronsoro 19 Feb 2016

    named with esteem to an accident i had which i have not had and will not tell me what advice is on the data base.


    By lori craig 18 Jun 2016

    named today Laos angel es time. i said hello three times with no one on the other finish saying anything. definitely they have a year old mentality. likely enjoys sucking their thumb. likely lives outside of their means and is a broken radiator away from bankruptcy. most likely has no money and hates the world for it so they like to play small kiddie games on the phone. I've blocked them at this time.


    By Barbara Corba 11 Feb 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. no message left.


    By Gazwan Mardo 03 Jun 2016

    i missed a call from this amount.


    By Lisel Yonnker 11 Jan 2016


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