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By Elizabeth Jore 05 Mar 2016

Caller unknown

By MARK HILL 06 Feb 2016

Got a call. replied and they hung upward.

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    By Rachael Guest 30 May 2016

    business named ACTH financial phoned them and inquired for it to be removed and they said OK


    By Pete Yoyo 14 May 2016

    auk DPT call Dario amount Ni taiga hair Beirut trout. saga auk Malays nark jaw ab call. Bermudian auk dpt Sims Mintaka auk Ada Tongan. nark Terkel bursar auk.Bahama...Padilla auk DA Alaskan Bill Astor via bank awl lag. soap Astor haunter Sims thank you for the payment of rm on for account Astor. G representative debit accumulate er Ni tack link Dan account dept Astor Crucial Key Astor Malays nark upgrade lank KO AAA nark call Crucial.ganja auk Bayer.Jungian sampan auk porting Astor parka sky DA Lear.


    By Kitty Fender 21 Feb 2016

    they can suck my and and eat my the fucking . yeah its a debt collector individuals fume ring em and say look teammate I am on the pension i create my gran mar hock her box so i can eat and yeah i may only manage a week for the next years Hathaway


    By Dillon Finger 24 Apr 2016

    my amount is help on the telephone preference service after telling the woman she had named despite this she began again by saying no I am not registered. after replicating myself i informed her that she was breaking the law at which point she hung upward.another attempt saying i was due bank charges refund. what a load of CAP. reported to taps.


    By Renelle Couch 19 May 2016

    no message


    By Kim Buca 15 Jun 2016

    yep only had one. enjoy you no reply phone message and i dint reply unknown numbers


    By Violet M trudeau 03 May 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Chaz Noles 02 Jun 2016

    why did he try and ring me at .am this morning go away


    By Marilyn Grandi 03 Jun 2016

    i also got a call from this number. I am assuming its fraud now.


    By Wolf Wolfm invergrove.k12.mn.us 02 Jul 2016

    yes my grandmother keeps receiving call saying they re from discuss discuss and are threatening to close down her broadband in hours. they've additionally named from a and from this number

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