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By beverly heikkila 01 Jun 2016

Named back as inquisitive as to who it was. for a change really a legit caller not some dodgy scam artist promoting a computer commerce show and as that's my line of work all fine.

By Matthew Eurich 05 Apr 2016

I ignored the call.

By Wilson Beers 15 Feb 2016

Called my cell phone.

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    By Lucy Mcfadden 20 Mar 2016

    an Indian guy telephone around my accident. strung him along for a while then i asked him what the outcome was. he didn't understand the word outcome and after i explained he kept saying oh my god and being most discourteous. i told him i was on the taps and if he rang again id report him all the time he was speaking over me getting louder and louder. i dint think he understood taps


    By Atanacio Felipe 13 Jun 2016

    necessity saber quine me llama Poe Que me Armenian DE mete


    By Sanjay k Behal 11 Jun 2016



    By Joyce Farmer 12 Jul 2016

    getting irritating calls from consistently. who the hell is this kindly help me to touch this number .


    By Will Slotky 09 Jan 2016

    no result.


    By Marie Michaels 29 Apr 2016

    girl rang this morning. sounded Indian. said she was calling around the government boiler replacement scheme. i asked her from where she was calling and she said Yorkshire. i asked from which town and she said its an industrial area no. building. i again inquired her the name of the town and she said rugby. either rugby's moved a long way north or Yorkshires moved a long way south. this couldn't have been a scam could it


    By Tod Steward 29 Mar 2016

    WHO's dis


    By Troy Vankomen 26 May 2016

    phoned and left no message.


    By Nichole Bauccio 11 Jul 2016

    i located that number named from my phone overly many times every month for the previous year and didn't notice it before...i just did now and when i called it back it said we are having specialized difficulties at the moment


    By John paul Pieta 10 Jul 2016

    my brother merely made me understand this NOW cant stop wondering why they didn't discuss to me around the cash does the company even exist

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