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By beverly heikkila 01 Jun 2016

Named back as inquisitive as to who it was. for a change really a legit caller not some dodgy scam artist promoting a computer commerce show and as that's my line of work all fine.

By Matthew Eurich 05 Apr 2016

I ignored the call.

By Wilson Beers 15 Feb 2016

Called my cell phone.

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    By SUSAN CREDEUR 26 Apr 2016

    yeah they're debt collectors. criminal offence to pursuit....harass money that a debtor is no longer able to pay. also bailiffs cannot enter your property despite threats. tress pass and criminal offence police have to attend on basis......offense within progress......tell all and ah ate to all social media. if all goes to a high court ruling......declare insolvency...also......almost all debt agencies collectors purchase the debt illegally and theretofore don't own and no rights to gather.BR em


    By Bauchan Philip 02 May 2016

    i simply received a call from . for me this was a valid call and someone had tried to use my card details twice. i was suspect at first yet they did not ask for any of my bank details and was additionally eventually put through to someone. my card has now been cancelled and they are sending me a new one.


    By Ana Golici 25 Jun 2016

    this amount named several times.


    By Leslie Littell 12 Jun 2016

    instead recycling Finley blvd Birmingham AL BR


    By Joe Salas 10 Jun 2016

    door to door sales scam job. avert calls from their secretary Claudia her number is here . they're based within a dodgy small white house new road chemist Essex cm NE. utter scam look upward AM Norwich scam or this blog for more tips a .word press.conferences


    By James Isenberg 26 May 2016

    the caller claimed to be working for discuss talk. he said i had malicious viruses on my computer and he would help me remove them.BR i told him i was going to contact talk talk to check upwards. he hung upward.


    By Steve Pelsma 03 Jul 2016

    who owns the number


    By Jesse Manfugas 05 Jul 2016

    anybody becoming calls from this number


    By Delma Jones 30 Jun 2016

    i just got a call from this amount as well and its a scam. the IRS does not Rob call individuals or create demands around the phone i understand this from personal expertise. but if you need more proof here is the IRS site affecting scams. dint even assert with these individuals tell them you know its a scam stop wasting your time and hang upwards.BR BR a Herefords.IRS.glaciers urges public to stay alert for scam phone callosity's.IRS.glaciers urges public to stay alert for scam telephone Callas


    By Sherina Theobalds 14 May 2016

    i dint understand anybody inside Berlin either.... so its a large mystifying. where would they get my number inside Sweden

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