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By nancy mattingly 17 Mar 2016


By Evette Jones 10 Jan 2016

I simply got a call from this number and i gave my customary bonfires of great day how may i help you to which someone from foreign took seconds to answer me i timed it.. and he said my name is..uh..um uh.. Daniel and i am calling from some specialized services and i responded with thank you but no thanks Daniel hung up..

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    By Molly Bourbon 12 Apr 2016

    yes this is a scam i was skeptical from the begin but also terrified around the virus as i was doing work on my laptop at the time. seemed legit to start with using the legmen set upward and the information they knew about it all until they gained access to my computer and then said their business was support sure with this number. i just subsequently was competent to Google this amount to locate its a scammed and instantaneously stopped the connection and got a new anti virus applications. still a bit paranoid they re still capable to accessibility my laptop


    By B Gerhart 03 May 2016

    perhaps better if i delete the first digit


    By careerpath.com 16 Feb 2016

    unknown number.


    By William Dormady 29 Jun 2016

    i merely got a call from that amount additionally. but my computer is messed upward so i think i had him a small confused. he just kept saying no no go to your chief screen close all of your applications. i said i cant even turn the damn thing on he said no no go to the main display close all your applications. so i hung up


    By Joan Cimyotte 24 Feb 2016

    however another call from connecting customers from however another number. keep telling them not to call back keep blocking them and they keep calling back on a distinct number.BR BR within case your not recognizable with these people they essentially cold call individuals inside order to try and get sales leads that they could then sell on to other companies. the last few times this week they assert to be working with BTU.


    By Carolyne Lansing 02 Jun 2016

    did not reply.


    By Andre Ivy 18 Mar 2016

    merely got a call from this number it left a second blank voice email.


    By Lynsey Maguire 09 Jul 2016



    By Angela Carrabbia 10 May 2016

    this time they call me from new number. previous numbers are blocked but they try some new tricks every time. cant somebody do something around this spymasters.


    By Alonzo Braziel 05 Mar 2016

    pedophile tried testing images of themselves to my daughter afterward traced to past due credit solutions. absolute filth.

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