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By nancy mattingly 17 Mar 2016


By Evette Jones 10 Jan 2016

I simply got a call from this number and i gave my customary bonfires of great day how may i help you to which someone from foreign took seconds to answer me i timed it.. and he said my name is..uh..um uh.. Daniel and i am calling from some specialized services and i responded with thank you but no thanks Daniel hung up..

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    By DEON VAUGHN 14 Jun 2016

    keep getting this number calling us every day but phone goes dead when answered. annoying


    By Homer T. Phipps 21 Apr 2016

    been hassling me they say its around changing phones i believe its a scam


    By Gary Brinkmeier 26 Jun 2016

    divulge quine es Recife Ina lambada DE Ester numeric


    By Eugene Aadolphi 13 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Steven L smith 23 May 2016

    to long assess shape Nam pun ya tuna amount Ni .


    By Eliyahu Niasoff 18 Apr 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Frank Aidala 19 Jun 2016

    been calling me and sending text but never identify the caller


    By Heath Curfman 04 Mar 2016

    i need to understand.


    By Froilan Nunez 02 Jan 2016

    iv been becoming the same many times. auto blocked this number using a amazing app should i response android dint have to worry about most of the other numbers too as app has a database of registered spam numbers. one step ahead now


    By Leigh Horn 08 Apr 2016

    Derek i was merely defending myself as she was accusing me of writing on here before. you know nothing about me so you have no right to judge. also as for you saying who would need me as a pal or boss i have a lot of friends indoors and outside of work who value the matters i do for others. I'm simply passionate around people calling this industry a scam when they know nothing about it and freak out at the chance of working challenging. everyone in this industry who has made it has had to do more than what the typical person does or would be willing to would. people write on these pages because they re bitter that they didn't get to where they desired to be and will blame everyone else but themselves this is likely the reason exactly why most individuals are miserable with their jobs and have no ambition inside life.

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