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By nancy mattingly 17 Mar 2016


By Evette Jones 10 Jan 2016

I simply got a call from this number and i gave my customary bonfires of great day how may i help you to which someone from foreign took seconds to answer me i timed it.. and he said my name is..uh..um uh.. Daniel and i am calling from some specialized services and i responded with thank you but no thanks Daniel hung up..

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    By Gary Lueckenotte 09 Apr 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Luzanne Pierre-louis 31 May 2016

    they ring every day and hang upwards. not sure if there's anyone there but driving me angry.


    By Noel Sims 28 Mar 2016

    def are the worst company i have ever had the terrible delight of using as my gas and electrical provider cannot believe they have the cheek to attempt and get me to use them again after stealing off me every week for months and refusing to right their mistakes god help the next caller i get from their offices thanks for the info individuals and call centre mes sager........really if people desire a service they look it upward your business simply harasses it should be illegal


    By Christine Alman 05 Jul 2016

    they are calling every or hours. wish i knew the best way to block them. this only began today. yes they're a scam.


    By Kenise Hunter 16 May 2016

    this amount belongs to spares.co.Akbar it's a premium number dressed upwards as a mobile amount.BR my mobile bill was actually high and i recognized it was because i called this number i was charged a minuter disgraceful


    By Steven m Maestas 05 Apr 2016

    attempting to find out who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Shirley Schwebs 14 May 2016

    i repeatedly receiving this call but when i say hello they only hang upwards.when i return the call I am getting engaged tone all the time


    By Amber Nickeson 21 Jun 2016

    vanquish are the worst ctr did cased company within the acreage to cope with they will pursuit you on the telephone using many different numbers if you go over your limit many times a day they will additionally give you many distinct amounts that you are around the limit pay that amount and they will come upwards with another.if you pay by month amount by cheque located that it takes them twice as long as other credit card companies to procedure the cheque and credit to your account.significance sometimes they will charge you late payment fees they give the excuse they are not a clearing bank.


    By Sylvia Lansil 04 Mar 2016

    call was at p.m. no one said anything then i heard a re coding say to except press one i didn't afterward immediately the re coded voice said okay i will leave the caller a voice mail


    By Harry Canapino 26 Mar 2016

    he keeps on messaging and calling me

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