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By Jeff Defosse 29 Mar 2016

Simply Peugeot Citroen parts unit Gordon mill lower holing bank st Blackburn Lancashire BB abbr tel BR BR had the same problem

By Eddie Dice 17 Jan 2016

Missed call phoned back life review will call you back again unwanted insurance sales call

By David Shipman 08 Jan 2016

Simply had a call from this amount. same old story an engineer is in my area so could give me a massive discount on my sky insurance. when i sounded dubious he said rudely what do you mean I have simply told you ha vent i i know a genuine sales rep would never talk to a potential customer inside such a way so guessed it was a scam. id never give any personal details over the telephone anyway. i additionally had a call a week past from Microsoft wanting to have distant accessibility to my computer within order to fix errors. yeah right . i wasn't born yesterday in fact I have merely had my Th birthday but still got me marbles most of em anyway.

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    By Alyssia Pressley 28 Jun 2016

    phoned every minutes on .. from .am till .pm. dint give upwards and dint talk when you response. afterward began again on .. so pulled plug on telephone in the end


    By Sharon Leffler 13 Jan 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Janae Hudman 01 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.


    By LARRY PRUITT 08 Apr 2016

    they called my cell today and did not leave a message.


    By Eric Hambrock 06 Jun 2016

    found the amount on my caller id.


    By Taryn Faulkner 01 Apr 2016

    i have just received a call from this amount whilst i was within the garden


    By Karen Knowlton 12 Jul 2016

    some unknown amount call me


    By Shannon Allden 13 Feb 2016

    i got a call from these number


    By Judy Mckinley 09 Jun 2016

    i dint comprehend exactly why he advertises within NYC i called to get my bike towed . he sounded nice on thee phone. afterward he shows upwards with a pick up and a tremendous dawdler for my little vesper motorcycle. afterward he complains about how much tolls were and gas and that the cost just went up wt. exactly why did he advertise inside NYC if he lives so way away and in NJ he inquired if i was pregnant i told him no and he said not though huh and giggled creep


    By Claudia Kozak 11 Jun 2016

    no message left

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