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By Katie Bochle 24 May 2016

Quit sending messages

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    By Carlos Valensia 01 Feb 2016

    named me on June at . and hung up when i answered


    By Brandon Busse 06 Mar 2016

    i keep becoming messages from this amount. i posted an ad on gum tree this individual contacted me then began giving ab it of approach i told her where to go and shes been messaging my phone constantly... I'm sure this is harassment.


    By cathy fry 15 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By Bozena Makowski 31 May 2016

    Nanjing Nanak KIA NATO


    By Shannon burton Morgan 21 Apr 2016

    its been over a week now and they keep calling me i could not be bother to answer since i was at work or uni. wish they would cease what's the point in calling everyday for around on week since no one is answering. unusual guys.


    By Brande Beggs 08 Jul 2016

    merely received a caller who started the telephone call are you the owner of this house for a security savvy granny like myself i told him i dint speak with stranger callers who don't identify themselves. if this is from energy saving Scotland as the list of previous harassment's listed above suggest they need to train their staff how you can introduce themselves and the business to a prospective customer.


    By rebel83 astound.net Caitlyn 12 May 2016

    unknown amount calling


    By Steven Ditty 22 Mar 2016

    a .smoothest Myers fl thoroughbred research group ft Myers BR thoroughbred research group ft Myers phone BR fairway lakes Dr.BR fort yourself


    By Latrona Faulkner 16 Jan 2016

    anybody getting calls from this phone number


    By 'aishah 29 Jun 2016

    looks enjoy an incoming VIP call via Maratha telecommunications. see a .Maratha talcum.co.exercises

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