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By Brock Overberg 21 Jun 2016

Received a phone call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.

By Janice Heath 02 Jun 2016

This number is misrepresenting our internal revenue service. you get a call saying you've committed tax fraud and could be arrested. when you call it sounds enjoy an overseas telephone call and the man responses internal revenue service gives his name and your hint off should be they dint give you a representative id number. dint fall for this scam.

By Tim Kim 21 Jan 2016

This amount phones every day very annoying

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    By Tammy Koch 11 Jun 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my reply.


    By Judie Harrison 12 Jun 2016

    call from a Asian sounding gentleman. he said he wanted to repair my slow web. he inquired if my computer was powered on. when i inquired which company he was from he terminated the call.


    By Chris Brzostowski 29 Mar 2016

    got a call from this number.


    By Angel Agnew 03 Jul 2016

    assert to be Arneb help line


    By Kathryn l Berry 01 Jun 2016

    did not answer.


    By Russell Hazelwood jr. 08 Jun 2016

    called to tell me i am entitled to cash as i have been inside a car accident despite me never actually having had a car injury. refused to take no for an answer.


    By Megan Dunwoodie 05 Feb 2016

    importance saber a quin pertness ESE Nero


    By Alan Sogg 19 Mar 2016



    By Studd Muphin 27 May 2016

    this number has rang me times Ada for the last months getting really annoying but no ones there why should they be aloud to pester us like this. Watt happened to being competent to block amount. it makes me quite furious how our numbers are previous around from one business to another all huge cons


    By Dennis J lauritsen 17 Jan 2016

    i only got a call from it saying it is the IRS is this a scam

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