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By Napsterbater 11 Jan 2017

Security Monitoring Station

By Alice-ann Crawley 08 May 2016

I am absolutely sick of calls from this amount amp others. i get at least two calls a day from distinct numbers they never leave a voice mail and it is frustrating. i have been blocking them but there consistently looks to be a new number. i am just a few months into a two year contract so i dint anticipate to be contacted about upgrades new services.BR BR if they are calling on benefit of three it's going to seriously create me consider staying with them when my contract is eventually finished. i was with o for ten years and i was never harassed enjoy this.

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    By Judie Ledbetter 20 Apr 2016

    i missed a few calls from . who could it be


    By Christopher Errico 08 Mar 2016

    i have only received a text from Loyd's tbs telling me they have contacted my old bank for details of standing orders etc. and they will be inside touch shortly to let me understand the next steps. no number and no sender details just date and time. i have never banked with lats and i am not changing banks. dint know where they got my mobile number from likely a miss dial if it was genuine there would be at the quite least a contact number. if i telephone lats i will have to give them my amount or details so dint think i will would that.


    By Rostislav Ranguelov 27 Feb 2016

    got a phone call. no message left.


    By Trampus Climer 10 Jun 2016

    however another call from safe style came upwards on my blocked amount list despite telling them i have moved and do not need new windows and requested to be removed from their info base


    By Shannon Tritschler 21 Apr 2016

    whatever you can don't reveal any private tips should you decide to return this call. if you were truly being sued by the IRS you would receive detect via certified mail not some Rob call. call your local office of the real internal revenue service and report every call they will not treat this casually as it is a felony to misrepresent yourself as a national agency or agent thereof.


    By Marlena Bertalot 13 Apr 2016

    pure spam and fraud..dint believe within any such things


    By Sandra Reddin 23 Feb 2016

    ho la quire saber quine me Lana y me cor ta a CAD rat y a la manna bi en tempering


    By Tyler Polderman 07 Mar 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. no voice message left.


    By Scott Fulwider 21 Jun 2016

    did not response.


    By Marvette Franklin 30 Apr 2016

    said they was from go mobile on benefit of EEO

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