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By Lara Lumsden 01 Jun 2016

Who is this caller

By Barbara Acrumley 22 Apr 2016

ID what the cope is but this a fraud i received this call an hour ago with the same message

By Yvonne Alston 14 Jan 2016

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    By Leeanne Faxon 10 Jul 2016

    still trying to call and still they get the message telling they are blocked and to go away. words fail me. who in their right mind would continue to call a blocked number


    By Brad Hutchens 20 May 2016



    By Doyle Long 19 Feb 2016

    same thing as sues dilemma. i got a similar call from another number last week.


    By R Bayles 22 May 2016

    anyone know this amount never ring long enough for me to answer


    By Vickie Valenzuela 09 Apr 2016

    importance saber quine llama


    By Robert Levering 27 Jan 2016

    steelmaker. record from Lisa from the green product survey company. you have been chosen.... i hung up at after that. adding the amount to the blocked list. BTW i additionally suspect this is a spoofed amount as it showed area code for new Plymouth which is not a big town.


    By George Liermann 29 Feb 2016

    for idiots to saying they read a Facebook story about charged for answering here is a message from your spiritual leader a isn't info ml Lhotse.YouTube..YouTube.. now close upward.


    By Sharonda Shuler 16 Mar 2016

    this amount called and am striving to it back and is not picking.


    By Anne Mclasky 16 May 2016

    that clown mo interviewed me yesterday for a job at iconic strategies he then emailed me the same congratulations email twice may i add from north star acquisitions.. what a . cellular telephone number mo and his admin phoned me from . sadly Simon Reynolds could not interview me as Head been taken into hospital apparently.. his cellular telephone . the current address of both iconic strategies and north star acquisitions is merchants court st Georges road Norwich Norfolk NR ab. simply keeping everyone updated I'm sure they ll transform company names numbers and addresses soon.


    By Rene Banana 08 Jan 2016

    this number calling me for long time.

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