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By Stephanie Levette 03 Jul 2016

Blind call

By Warren Keisler 27 May 2016

Unwanted chilly call.

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    By Chip Cahill 28 Jun 2016

    they said it was neatest but they used my mums first name instead than saying Mrs surname. didn't consider them so told them to put it inside writing.


    By Johny Singleton 13 Jun 2016

    multiple calls from this amount all in the space of about hours luckily i have call screening and it goes right to answerphone no message left


    By Loretta Joseph 04 Jul 2016

    my aged dad had a scam call from a guy alleging they were from Microsoft and asking him to turn on his computer and to input signal a reference number which within turn would give them access to his computer. very distressing for him everyone beware


    By Yolanda Hairston 09 Jun 2016

    we received a call from this amount yesterday.


    By Jane Lovejoy 23 Feb 2016

    i think its only energy I am becoming the same matter and i block one number and i get another amount calling me from there


    By Twila Pearson 07 Jul 2016

    why am i becoming this on my mobile


    By Janet Salo 17 May 2016

    this individual name is Isabelle. and why she named me


    By Billie Gee 21 Mar 2016

    i didn't answer I'm signed upward with the taps which seems to be a waste of time i am additionally ex directory so i guess they straightforward call all numbers by computer within the trust someone will reply. its really not great enough


    By Elisa Rowell 09 Jun 2016

    i may only presume the call is a local amount from Leeds because there's no area code used. we have had this call three times today and four yesterday quite honestly it is getting on our nerves. there is no one there on the odd occasion we answered it.


    By Becky Gard 11 Apr 2016

    someone on broken English was calling

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