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By Clyde Salisbury 05 Apr 2016

None of this batch of numbers has ever been issued hence they exist only in cyberspace so no one could call or locate them. the fraud community has caught on to this in recent weeks as will a fast scan down the latest calls list on Cm illustrate. clever small trick to support possibility victims to response their phone from apparently a essential London UK caller.BR of com within its customary wisdom amp eternal optimism has place aside for movie amp television companies to use when an celebrity is making a phone call bit like every amount on u.s. produced film amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la place codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts kind wizardry the amount you see ain't constantly what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller exhibit has with any digits ignore block if you will dint answer it therein lies the route to despair and loss of cash.

By Roberta Halloran 02 Mar 2016


By Sandi Schneiderman 17 Feb 2016

Named at a.m.

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    By Tammy Cinefro 17 May 2016

    phoned twice said my soft wear on computer slow put phone down. then they rang back unknown number will not response caller exhibit numbers now merely wait for answerphone.


    By Amanda Blitch 05 May 2016

    miss call


    By Tiffany Shrum 11 Apr 2016

    they phoned me to dint know who they're


    By Linden Roberts 27 Feb 2016

    said it was a government message asking how old was my boiler was i the householder but when i inquired who was calling ignored me.


    By Habib Marwan 16 Feb 2016

    who owns this phone number


    By Rebecca Devries 13 Jul 2016

    anyone knows who calls from this telephone number.


    By David Silverstone 20 Jun 2016



    By Jessica Carlozzi 27 Jun 2016

    not reported here at a ..coma but has been at a similar website named wholesome.org inside early but no reviews.


    By Antoinette Dipuma 04 Jun 2016

    keep becoming calls from this lot i even told him i was dead and it was a pal taking the calls i asked who they where and the had the cheek to say they where a buddy and inquired how did i perish i told them if they where a buddy they would already know what happened


    By Linda Hammerschmidt 14 Jun 2016

    received a letter now saying i had recently ended a contract and now i owed the number of the so named contract i ended recently was i have not ended a telephone contract recently i have not ever had a contract with this amount and i definitely do not owe be mindful please letter is on orange headed paper with direct debit directions on the back to fill in your details to pay the money. this is clearly a scam

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