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By Derrick Boroff 14 Jun 2016

Call received from this amount at . am today. i do not recognize it. i have blocked the number.

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    By Chris Folts 11 Apr 2016

    who are these people


    By Nicole Casler 09 Feb 2016

    named but left no message


    By William Bethel 14 Apr 2016

    got a text off this amount saying hi please can you ensure that you take a black and blue pen to each job as each account has distinct preferences. thanks Rachel guessing it is fishing for me to reply... just deleted the text.


    By Joe Talty 24 May 2016

    we won pounds cheque they said


    By Michael Salmons 16 Apr 2016

    call from a heather gray Homeric


    By Beth Kainz 25 Apr 2016

    hi a business called pantheon UK promotion experts have contacted me re a phone interview.BR BR cannot tell if this is a legitimate business.BR BR anyone any expertise with them or heard of Thimbu BR angel business suite st alb ans put Arlington n NC


    By Robert Mcquillen 25 Apr 2016

    called to say i was owed cash from computer fix business which had now gone bust caller had practical use of English language but with quite strong dialect. wished accessibility to my computer which i clearly refused.


    By Amer Hodzic 08 Jan 2016

    merely need to understand this number.


    By seemajolly yahoo.com Seema 05 Jun 2016

    morals angering Ind kine Christ interlacing.


    By Chris Carlile 01 Jan 2016

    this caller was so insistent he was calling from Microsoft to counsel that i have a hacker trying to get my details. i said i hadn't named for help from anyone so please quit calling. the response was i will blacklist you for being rude to me i will disconnect you from Microsoft

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