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By Thier Peraza 27 May 2016

Does someone know who calls from this amount.

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    By Reteriano Sevilla 04 May 2016

    unknown caller no vim left really suspicious.


    By Scott Madle 17 Jun 2016

    received a call on acreage line.


    By David Berrier 17 Jun 2016

    MN kink


    By Bridget Schopp 29 Feb 2016

    annoying research .BR from health.NS.gov.Au outsourced to McCain ingenuity research pity ltd BR BR .comber BR a hereafter.health.NS.gov.surveys...fault..health.NS.gov.surveys...fault.ASPCA


    By james hedrick 08 Jul 2016

    . .. bright phone . . . . . . . . Mexican


    By Dennis Pogue 05 May 2016

    unwanted call


    By Marilyn Rosenbusch 24 Apr 2016

    they are at it again twice within minutes this time they were so thick the did not understand what means


    By Renfroe Frank 04 Apr 2016

    Indian guy telling me Head help me if id have an accident i told him he wouldn't because all he was doing was being a bloody nuisance ringing a taps number that he should not be calling. line went quiet.


    By Boykin Sanders 28 Jun 2016

    just had a call again from a young Asian sounding lady at windows service station. she informed me that my computer was running slowly not and was downloading malicious programmed. i asked for a number i could call her back on as i was busy and she gave me . i inquired her to duplicate the amount as it was uncommon and when i inquired where she was calling from she said east London. i told her that it was not a London amount and inquired her where inside east London and she said Chelsea square road. is no such road in any place of London. i inquired her name and she said Rosie martin. i told her that my computer had no such issues and that i had previous calls from similar service centres and i was enrolled within t.p.s. and please dint ever call me again. there was a pause and she said Acceptable and i said goodbye.BR since talking to Rosie i located this.......quite interesting a .talk talk.co.invitational ... Trey scumbag i suppose the finest manner to cope with this in future is only to hang upward.


    By Jerri Cotter 26 Feb 2016

    call id read unavailable. i did not reply the call and they did not leave a Msgr i overly am on the don't call list. who and do you report these individuals i get several calls regular from calls like this.Greer

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