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By Chrstinia Cummins 14 May 2016

Same to me merely now i got the call and it got disconnected.

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    By Glenda L Perez 15 Jun 2016

    Ben dire jeer gabled Dee week door Dee bummer BR Mara Heb internet gen omen Wei ken Dee bummer Heb AL goggled Mara nets condone.


    By Kathy Farnik 04 Jun 2016

    hi BR BR i work in the customer services department at cash finance direct and after reading your places i desired to take the chance to reply some of the questions which have been raised BR who is cash finance directory cash finance direct limited trading as horizon finance is a master finance agent who helps individuals to organize loans. we do not give the money ourselves but take your details through our phone service and pass them on to our extensive panel of lenders with the intention of them making an offer of finance to you directly. BR BR do i cease you calling Nebr we're a finance broker and it's tremendously likely that we've obtained your details from a web website you may have visited in regards to an query made inside relation to finance. BR BR if this is not the case or you simply wish to be removed from any future promotional action afterward we apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of our contact. BR BR there are three methods to remove your details from our promotional activities all of which could take upward to hours to activate the alternatives are BR BR calling our automated phone service by dial ling select choice and leave your private details please speak definitely and spell any uncommon names most notably please ensure that you supply the phone number we attempted to contact you on and your personal details will be suppressed from any further promotional activities. BR BR Orr BR by visiting our web site a .co.remove.aspirant submitting your details electronically again this will result in your private details being suppressed from any further promotional activities. BR BR Orr BR by sending a request via email to .co.UK asking to have your details removed please ensure that you supply us with your total name address including postcode and most significantly the phone amount we attempted to contact you on. if you would love to receive a reply from us to confirm we have received your request please ensure that you ask us to do this in your email. once we've received your personal details we will endeavour to remove your details in hours from our system.BR BR why can you use a premium speed phone Nebr we're a business and hence cannot manage our service for free the back upwards support underwriting department customer services department representative costs expanded launch hours and other benefits have a price attached to them we must cover this price by the use of our premium rate call. BR BR we are transparent with our customers and don't disguise the fact that we create an income from the use of our premium rate service. the call charges are provided from the outset you will be replied by an automated greeting confirming the cost of the call and maximum call time before any dialogue takes place allowing you the customer to make a alternative of whether or not to continue with using our service. using premium speed phone lines lets us not to be guided by which of our lenders will reward us with the biggest commissions but on which lender is right for our customers and their individual circumstances or loan requirements. BR BR we do not charge upfront application or administration fees there are many other finance brokers inside the market who charge upwards to . to take your details and pass them on to a lender. if you call from a BTU land line at . per minute our maximum first call charge is . which is entirely refundable upon request unlike other brokers who can make you wait upwards to six months to regain your costs. BR BR a smattering of the many benefits to using our service.....BR BR no waiting inside a call queue when using our service. BR dedicated agents dealing with your question from begin to finish. BR among the largest lending panels in the UK with a dedicated underwriting section. BR a total no questions inquired refund policy for any costs incurred inside using our service. BR dedicated customer services department offering freephone support from am to pm. BR long opening hours am to pm on weekdays and Saturday from am to pm. BR UK call centre using local favorable and knowledgeable staff to manage your call efficiently. BR investor within individuals and ISO accredited telephone agents dealing with your call. BR regular updates and lender contact details sent to you free of charge by Sims and additionally by email.BR BR we have been heavily regulated to operate the service we offer since . we're licensed by both telephone pay plus for our premium rate lines and the office of reasonable trading for our licence to organize fiscal products on behalf of our customers. we additionally comply with the tips commissioners operating code when processing clients personal information.BR BR how do i promise my call charges backbit we want to help every single customer get precisely what they desire sadly this would be an impossible task and however challenging we try and yet many lenders we have on our panel we cannot help everyone. if for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with our service and would love to promise your cash back we offer a complete no questions asked cash back ensure for the full costs of your call. BR BR the law permits us to keep . towards the expenses we have incurred within processing your query nevertheless we have picked to waive this right and will constantly offer a complete refund. BR BR it is quite important to us that our customers feel completely satisfied with the service we offer and if you dint for whatever reason we feel that you should not have to pay for it. we wont question your reasons for wanting a refund but we can appreciate your feedback so we may use it to focus our attentions on what's really significant to our customers. BR BR in order to get a total refund we would only inquire that you send inside a duplicate of your telephone bill to ensure that we don't underpay you highlighting the calls made to our service. BR BR if sending by post you may either send it using our free post service as below BR BR no stamp required simply compose the above address on your envelope and we pay the costar BR customer services department frostbit FDR SK ta BR BR or you can use our regular postal address but will need to place a stamp on your envelope BR BR cash finance direct limited floor BR dale houseboy divot Debra stockpot Cheshire SK tabor BR a scanned duplicate of your phone bill will be absolutely okay please send it via email to .co.UK BR BR if you are in any uncertainty that we've received your refund request please don't hesitate to contact us ideally via email to .co.UK and we will come back to you as quickly as we will with an anticipated payment date please include your name address and phone number so we may contact you via phone if we need to. BR BR i expect this will response any initial questions you may have and inquire if there's any further tips needed to please contact our customer services manager at .co.UK BR BR sort regards BR cash finance direct


    By Christopher Bobek 01 Feb 2016

    i have this number permanently blocked on my telephone but they have attempted to call me five times within three days within spite of my answerphone message stating that my number isn't accessible. maybe these calls are generated by a stupid computer.


    By Shirley j Robinson 22 Feb 2016

    got a call from this number at pm now....no message left....any ideas


    By Melanie Samsel 28 Jun 2016

    just got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Jahan Nikdel 07 Apr 2016

    i got this call twice but still dint know who it's or if it might be something else.


    By Carlos Macabata 28 May 2016

    i have receive ac all from this no


    By Tabitha Dent 10 May 2016

    got calls


    By Alexa Urmann 25 Jun 2016

    called and left no express message.


    By Ambrea Rampey 22 Jun 2016

    trying to locate out who calls from this telephone number.

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