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By Jacobs Holly 12 Jan 2016

Call centre. Asian man. i put the telephone down.

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    By Jenny Jonhson 18 Jan 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when decided up.


    By Lynda Goetzka 07 Jul 2016

    the caller sounded foreign and insisted that i was paying per month for my sky machine which i am not. when i insisted that i was not paying this he hung upwards. i dial led him back and it was an unrecognized number.


    By JARRETT GORDON 30 Jun 2016

    several calls


    By Preeti Narayankar 02 Apr 2016



    By Natalie Lasch 18 May 2016

    this amount sent me spam text messages to would with gambling.


    By Catherine Hendrickson 31 Mar 2016

    a gentleman named asking for the individual who is responsible for the light. we have a no cold calls policy and are registered with the phone taste service and i put him through to an automated message.BR BR he named back times and was incredibly rude saying he had spoken to someone months ago and they had asked him to call back. astonishing since this individual has not worked for our company for nearly years.BR BR he subsequently got quite personal and very absurd.


    By Kowdle Subramanyam 17 Jan 2016

    dint know who phoned me as i dint know the amount.


    By Chris Stratman 01 May 2016

    does not leave a message


    By James Agusta 13 Apr 2016

    hi simply to affirm to anyone stressed about this we assessed with our solicitor who laughed down the telephone and told us to only block their calls. they confirmed there is no way they can take you to court and it's a complete scam. we ha vent had any letters from them it was around weeks past when we had the first call.BR BR its sickening to think of how many folks have fallen for this and paid through anxiety of having a black mark against their name business.BR BR I have reported to watchdog and suggest everyone does the same.


    By Wayne Harris jr. 12 Jun 2016

    received an unknown call from a virtual number listed on my call display as v... the number was overly long for my call exhibit to show the entire matter unfortunately.BR i figured i would mention it on here in case it might be useful to someone not sure if it would though..

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