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By Jacobs Holly 12 Jan 2016

Call centre. Asian man. i put the telephone down.

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    By Matthew Jane 07 Jun 2016

    got a call from an Asian sounding women saying she was calling on benefit of Alan Davis about my computer. i said there was nothing wrong with my computer and that i was going to hang up which i did.


    By Glenis Redmond 24 Jun 2016

    said he was from the energy appraisal team. i didn't let him get any further. told him what to would and hung upwards. am now reporting to taps.


    By Pete Snyder 12 Mar 2016

    i answered this call but because they did not respond immediately i hung upwards. i have found that all prerecorded messages take a while to connect so if you are fast say hello and they dint response. you can just hang upward on them its a dead giveaway when its not a actual person. it came after i had Dino stick fit me some taps afterward were working on benefit of British gas


    By Debbee Darsey 12 Jun 2016

    i got a call from mark feigns office as well with no mention of exactly why he was calling. didn't return it as it was apparent they were selling something. really stupid ploy.


    By Dustin Ladd 15 May 2016

    desire to understand the person


    By Jeff Erwin 18 Jun 2016

    who calls me


    By Dorothy Noad 12 Jul 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Gundishell Barnett 08 Feb 2016

    called back him not pic kin up


    By Chuanise Loving 19 Jun 2016

    pus at Utopian bank racket shah Alma


    By Alana Krajecki 17 May 2016

    call centre using telephony services limited to look as if they are within UK. worth blocking

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